You Are Not Perfect

Of course you are not perfect,

but why do you fret?

There are many more important reasons

to find yourself upset.

You could be greedy, coniving, full of deceit,

turning a blind eye

to those sleeping on the streets.

You could be judgmental, impolite, or cruel.

You could tear others down

and use it for your own ego's fuel.

You could be lazy, oblivious, careless,

making mistakes and expecting others

to clean up your own mess.

But you are non of these things,

and instead are full of so much good.

So explain to me why you degrade yourself

about your body and your food?

Who even cares about

the skin skinfolds your body shows,

considering the vast amount

of wisdom you know?

No one is paying attention 

to the size of your arms

because they are much too enthralled

but the size of your heart.

You are so loved

not for the shape of your waist,

but for all of your efforts

to make this world a brighter place.

It is the kindness you selflessly dole out

that makes you so worthy,

not whether your figure

is perfectly trim or voluptuously curvy.

Oh, how much you have

to offer those you meet,

and oh how little they will care

about the kinds of foods that you eat.

You do not have value as a person

because you do not have flaws,

but because you graciously provide love to others

without condition or clause.

You are not perfect,

but it is not your flaws we are seeing;

it is how you are applying your body,

not how that body looks,

that makes you a worthwhile human being.

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Our world


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