Flawlessly Flawed


My flaws tell me one simple fact:

I am not perfect


My feet, my nose, eyes, hair proportioned

all wrong-apparently I’ve been affected with a terrible distortion

My brain has defects, just look at my grades

I struggle with simple concepts, faced with barricades


My flaws tell me one simple fact:

I am not perfect


I know I have flaws because others don’t

Everyone says her face is perfect, the precise tinge and tone

And his intellect is far beyond mine

Computing and calculating with no regard to time


My flaws tell me one simple fact:

I am not perfect


But if I really ponder, contemplate and glance around

Is anything flawless? Honestly, what actually is 100% sound?

If perfection exists, its very clever at evading my eye

Or completely impossible to identify


My flaws tell me one simple fact:

I am not…perfect?


Yes that model is flawless-then why all the makeup?

To hide something perhaps not worthy to strut?

Oh, those engineers and geniuses have perfect minds

Then why do bridges and buildings falter..because of imperfect design?


My flaws tell me one simple fact:

I am not perfect?


The world as a whole faces dilemmas, natural and social 

Collapse of governments believed to be pristine and noble

Even the universe itself doesn’t follow its perfect equations

Breaking the rules of physics on certain occasions


My flaws tell me one simple fact…


So why can’t I see? Recognize or comprehend?

Nothing is every flawless! Perfection is just playing pretend!

Everyone, everything has flaws-nothing can be 100% ideal

That which is “perfect” -is simply not real!


My flaws tell me….


The world was never meant to function perfectly

The only honest world is one of chaos and diversity

Of people with zitty faces, of awkward postures and bizarre hair

My world, our world, perfection found nowhere!


My flaws…


Imperfections they may be, exquisite yet strange

Flaws are unconventional but cause no reason for shame

People form into individuals, proud and tall

Not unique by their perfections, but by their “flaws”!


I can name my hundreds of faults, they continuously grow

Uncontrollable they might be, undoubtedly show

Who I am, the exceptionalness of me

Something unrepeatable, like nobody 


I now know one simple fact:

I am beautifully and wonderfully, flawlessly flawed!

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