Mr. Imperfection


Mr. Imperfection

why don't you tell me bout

all your perfections and

why you ain't got none.

Tell me how you

think you're gonna make it in this world

if you're not the best of what you are

and you don't know how you're gonna do it

but you'll give it your all

and you know they'll push you through it

til’ you're right up to the cliff

and you gotta hope you don't fall cause..

Nobody cares.

Nobody cares what you think.

Nobody cares.

Nobody cares how you feel.

And nobody cares what you want to do,

or how you gonna do it

or if you'll even go through with it,

cause if you're not exactly who they want to be

then they'll kick you to the curb.

Mister get up don't you see that

nobody cares?

Nobody cares about you,

Mr. Imperfect.



Mr. Imperfection

tell me if I'm wrong,

please don't hesitate with corrections,

but it seems

that you're very well qualified

and above expectations.

But please, you must understand,

of course there's someone who's a better choice than you.

I mean what were you expecting,

after all you don't have

a one hundred in everything.

Who did you really think

would ever take you in this world

Please, please tell me.


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