Everyone's Believing It


United States
26° 30' 41.238" N, 80° 6' 33.6852" W

Who started this trickery?
This ever shrinking waist
There is no debate
That skin and bones is not why men fantasize
But you say and you starve
Perfection is what you are aiming for
Clothes in the front
I cannot stop the race that has already started
Cause everyone’s living it
So you figure it must be true
Idols on the wall
Everyone’s believing it
So it must be true
Like wild fire
Girls lose their souls
I’m just here to say
There’s always another chip and another crack
You can live without personality
That’s for people with smaller dreams
The grass is always greener on the other side
But it’s a picnic for no one
In no time
There will be nothing left
In no time
You will want to peek on over
Missing and itching for the other side


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