the world is not perfectly spherical
and the same goes for me
i'm not as well-rounded as i seem
the ocean is not perfectly blue
we've polluted it with our sewage
my eyes are not perfectly blue
but from a distance, they appear to be
our world is no longer perfectly green
we've killed it with toxic waste 
but, in turn, we're killing ourselves
and that goes for everything
we are made of stardust, but we no longer burn bright
we are only dim little specks, only cosmic parasites
we think we are the kings and queens of the universe
but we can't even control the tides in our blood
my heart beats of its own little will
thunk-skip-sthunthunkthunk-skip-thunk thunk-skip
thank god the cosmos don't have arrhythmia
i am not the queen of the universe


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