What Would You Change Scholarship Slam.

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We think we are the center of the universe  We humans fail when we strive for godliness  We compete with each other on a daily, jealousy coursing through our veins  Change that  Fix that 
Masterpiece… a work well done with extraordinary skill.  A supreme intellectual and artistic achievement. 
The air is light.Sun rays escape the window.She plays with them--seeing what the light omits.In an early morning.In lilac sheets,she greets him.Finding Emptiness Devoid. Hostility.
creator of inescapable mistakesa noose that pulls tighter with each word scratchedtar that attempts to paint an essence--yet suffication is it's effectupon mepressing against my lipsin my contemplation--it silences mean sweet escape? more of a spi
 Easing the pain by scratching awayimperfections don't fester upon her façadeoozing purity of a blank slate she portrays "a princess" my father would exclaimto his daughter, he was a Godwho I praised by scratching away a face I face and fixatesinc
her milky white complexion dripping with honey-colored  freckles encapsulates his definition of perfection while my dark and dirty features
In my home, there is no hate. There is no color. There is no body-shaming. There are no jokes made about having the wrong sexual orientation.
In a sea of people they stand aloneLeft out by the worldthe judgment was placed so they have nowhere to go
I’m scared and compared and my opinions are shared.
When a girl cuts her pink ribbons off her hair    she is given the chance of freedom, adulthood, and the chance to save her innocent soul   it is her choice to 
I love you, you don't. I see beauty, you see nothing. I see worthwhile, you see worthlessness. Society tells you, you aren't beautiful.
If I could speak to a dead man,  I would tell him what I think dead men want to hear.  I would tell him that his body drowned and he was branded a martyr from the second he refused to resurface. 
Change Change is a big thing.  What would i change about myself?  That's quiet easy, my shyness.  It hinders me from doing everyday things.  It holds me down, deep below, and leaves me feeling low. 
Change is needed Hunger and homelessness near People can transform  
  I breave life into the community's To build one's hope, and dreams filled with opportunitys I breave life to the broken, who's heart is filled with pain The depression The anxieties
Heart beats Sound of drums Cannon fires Blood runs   A child screams In the dead of night A baby taken Out of sight   Tip toes tower Above the street
Heart beats Sound of drums Cannon fires Blood runs   A child screams In the dead of night A baby taken Out of sight   Tip toes tower Above the street
Since when did parenting become so synonymous with policing?
1.   Let us go then, you and I, When the dawn is spread out across the sky. On certain half deserted, late night flights, The muttering plights, Of restless, sterile nights
If I could change any one thing, It wouldn't be just any one string. I would change the way people see each other, And I would make people love one another. A single human would never be alone,
We walk down the hallways and streets Looking at the others around us We see a multitude of people And make a snap judgment about each From the stereotypes we’ve cast. He’s fat; so he must be lazy.
Why do we hate, when we are from the same creator? Why do we criticize and judge, when we are under the same blood? Why can't we be friends , when we all sin? Why is a question that everyone face.
CRASH! My dreams fall. Animosities make my ego crawl. Asphyxiating the earth beneath me, I’m splayed out for the entire universe to see.     WORTHLESS,
If I could change that day, the day you left, when you were on your own, without me to hold, i'd make sure you'd be ok, warn you and hold you tight, for me to be complete was gone, we stood in darkness waiting, hoping, leaving, missing, lost.
Are diferences are not bad it is what makes each and every one of us strong. So why do people discriminate others for there differences. Our differences make us unique and special.
The first time we walked into high school We were fourteen years old.  Our hearts beating fast like a roaring roller coaster. The ups and downs, Dips and drops, Hills and loops.
  The system in which the world lives Has prevented humanity from achieving Peace within and out, It’s everywhere and all around, Famine is not real,
When I was nine I was asked What would you change in the world if you could? And I remember thinking about it long and hard Before replying, “I’d like to end world hunger” Naïve in my thinking,
The air she is forced to breath only burns inside her lungs;
What is this world, The one that we live in What is this world With the air we breathe Polluted with smoke That coulds up the mind Filled with strangers In the bodies of friends
    find your doom wherever you keep it under the bed, in the cookie box, freezer, underwear drawer
What would the world be If change could not see? What if there was no hate for love? No hate for race? If change could not see Then who would we be If you where change I would help
I used to
If it were my choice, Or if it were my voice, I would make changes in Pollution, It is trouble to everyone caused by people and certain institutions. I would rid the world of Pollution for all,
I am constantly faced with the question:   "What are you?"   Because I am not White enough To sit with the cool kids But I’m not Black enough to chill with the crew   "What are you?'
Touch, feel the empathy of others souls Don't hurt, force by any other hand Let bygones be bygones. Words translate to actions Keep your fears close by; Touch, feel the empathy of  emotion.
If there was one thing I would change in this world it would be a point in time where my life changed such an insignificant moment that caused such devastation as if my whole world collapsed and left me nothing
Risk is not a word innate to our minds;  This is so, for good reasons I suppose. Risk runs from assurance to impose it's Threat. He opposes survival techniques Taught from birth, for what? To change scenery?
Equality and rights,basic needs to every day life.Discrimination is what they face,all because of their sexuality and race.Their rights derided is unacceptable.Stop continuing on like it’s perceptible.
Alone. Looking into the sky wondering what its like to fly, your in a new dimension and I'm in a quandary asking why? Never am I to forget the day you were taken away from me without a minute to say goodbye.  
Why do our movements offend you?
If I can go back in time, I will tell myself to be more confident.   I wish I knew courage was part of my equation for my dream   I wish my dream told me to be confident.  
so quiet and reserved
Life is definite. We all act as if life is a competition in which we must finish first. We act as if a bigger or nicer house, vehicle or belonging makes us better than anyone else.
Given the chance, I would change the world. If it were in my power, I would make it peaceful. If I had the knowledge, I would cure cancer. If I were rich, I would end poverty.
Somebody once told me the world was guacamole and the stars were made of dime store glitter. That somebody was a drunk, a silly and mean old skunk. He was bravely and firmly bitter.
I would change how the fruit plant grows how every year it just knows  to make the fruit the sower sows   and quickly flows the juicy fruit while pickers hoard their precious loot
The distracted girl in a distracted world Focusing on bright lights and pretty sights She didn't see that nothing was going right
See, I have the power to change.
I would change, On this orb of blue, The pendant hanging silent in space,
Born to walk but each sought the fight to run. Thrown into the race, before one appreciated light of sun. Humans evolve with an unknown disease.
I would give life to all the ghosts of what ifs. This better world than only I can see, The one where we do Instead of the one where we think, I would open a window for others to see into it
The arms and legs, It doesn’t feel bad for its’ own actions. The hands and feet,
Frats; Sororities; Greek life. Every college student knows the names. What's so great about these groups? Is it the typical popularity fame?
                                                      Judgement                                                   hurting someone
If I could be in charge for a day, the world would be better that way, People would smile, and no one would be hurt, it would be the perfect Earth,
What would the world be like If everyone had a mommy and daddy. If everyone grew up in a loving, stable home, Never hungry or naked, Rarely too hot or too cold, Always loved.
There are pieces of me that that get lost sometimes,
Pit pat, pit pat, pit pat down the hall he goes I have already tripled the distance he has gone I slow my steps so he can catch up, trying to hold my impatience
You look at me What do you see Do you see the stereotypical "double negative" Or a young woman just trying to live I'm just the same as you, you, and you Made of dreams, aspirations, and potential too
What would I change? That is the question at hand. What would I change in my life, in my plan? What would I change?   I would change The things I have done.
If I could change the world, it'd be in a Christian way. Taking out all the bad and sin each and every single day. People think Christianity is judgemental, and thats how it seems.
If I could change one thing, I would have everyone look at the stars, to show everyone how tiny we are. If I could change one thing, I would have everyone look at nature, down to every microscopic cell,
I would change our priorities, We can not see past the word "Me", In a generation of yolos and F**** its , We've lost our witt and theres no doubt about it, we try to be someone unknown, disgregarding how we have grown, The lectures the lessons t
It's that time again that same Box again. That tiny square on every test that taunts me and says: You don't fit in here You don't fit in anywhere Your skin is too pale, you non-Chicana
It’s something that runs deep Connects our commonalities Deeper than you, and me Centered awareness in everything   I am greater than no one For I am with everyone You walk around confident
Socks are taken for granted Socks keep you warm when it's cold Socks keep your feet dry when life gets Messy.
  Change is a funny word seems impossible and yet somehow possible   now the Earth is crying as animals become extinct water levels rise air becomes warmer  
If I could change any one thing in the world, I feel as though if i did, the world would become dulled. Not as interesting per say, possibly not as fun, taking away a sunburn while sitting in the sun.
Some people would change the length of the weekend, while others would change the crime on the streets. Many would change gas prices while others would want world peace. 
I wouldnt change the distance between you and me I wouldnt change the the fact you weren't here at the start I know you did the best you could, but you still think you came up short
I live in a world Where your choices define you. Where your accidents are huge mistakes whether or not it was a mistake you'd love to make. Where a mother is unacceptable if your age isn't right.
Lazy man, with a higher inclination Possession of intelligence yet the alcohol seems more relevant Playing the victim yet he is only victim of self-pity Un-evil benevolent self-being yet a product of self-loathing
The Ones That Hurt What I wouldn't do, To take the pain away and change the world for you. I'd silence the mouths That whispered the hate. I'd cover your wonds And dry the blood away
If I had the power to change I'd make sure that no one ever walked around without smiles A frown would be rather strange And people would smile for miles upon miles   If I had the power to morph
Unspoken Crisis Their simply isn't enough No plan of action
A woman and her children site aside the street
I want to be fearless, I wish I could change that about myself. I would like to have the drive to skydive through my life with my eyes wide open capturing everything my journey has to offer. Being Fearless,
Whether your straight, or gay Whether your a male or a female Whether you black, white, brown, yellow, or any other color
if I could change the world heres what I would say and do I would help everyone see that attitude reflects altitude. so share a smile and be more positive make a difference where ever it is you go
What is change?It is but a thought a shift in our processingIt is a reprograming but no one needs to deprogram to get downAs many others explain in technical termslet me stand by
Change Such a simple word with such meaning Everyone WANTS to change something But not everyone can... There could be thousands of reasons Financial Physical Mental
  I remember the exact moment When we met. I opened the door And she jumped in my lap, Loving me already.   It never ceases to amaze me How readily they love,
What is for one day, everyone in this great country treated each other as equals.
Is it greed that drives us, Or is it fear? The hunger for more materials, Or a need to fill a hole inside? The fear of embarassment, Or the fear of lonliness? What destructive force
With each stroke of the paintbrush, my heart flutters. My lungs fill with happiness, i feel my heart in my throat. Anxiety slowly creeps away, depression is no more. I want everyone to feel this happiness. 
We've been through ups and downs through laughter and some tears, you've seen how my heart and brain have been when filled with fear.
A window, A worlds way to look out . I call you to see into the window coverd in dirt .
Change, not from the pockets of the wealthy that rattles with continuous movement, but from the heart of the mindful, whos life continues to wound from constant bruising, movement towards the truth of how the majority seems to be misused, gain co
Like the leaves in the fall changepeople do as wellrather it be from pretty little angelsto demons straight from hell. i would change one thing if i could
The poor are only lazy they do sayTo the rich, the impoverished do exist,But their humanity, night from their day,A lesser right to live, forced to subsist.
Split the silence, speaking stonesShit on shallow, stinking skullsSwallow sources of sex-starved sconesSugar-sparkled, scouring soulsWe are not the change.But you change us, Changless Changer!
  If I could change one thing about today's society
Look in the mirror and exude confidence Break free of their stereotypes for us Don’t let magazines define who we are: fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly Show the unsuspecting world that our insecurities are no longer weaknesses
Four letters, one syllable; the biggest word you will ever say.  Love is huge. 
Loss of breath, no emotion, Why must this exist? What did I do to deserve this? I loved him, yet he was taken, Stolen, Ripped from my grasp. Tears streaming down my face, I miss you daddy.
the thing I would change is my very own image why, you may ask is because others make me feel like garbage but it's not just me if you look around, it's others too you see the thing about today
Get a job! my parents say- We all know money is the only way You have to have it in order to live Day after day nothing left to give Going to college for the job you desire Hoping to get that one big hire
I would change nothing, For the world is not a bad place.
My hands are covered in steel dust as I look at the perfectly coped chassis tubes. Success. After hours of determined grinding I finally craft my vision. I turn around and his eyes flicker up from my ass to my smile.
Change Change  The things I could change Crime, war, hate, and rage All things i could change
To be held, to be kissed, to feel wanted It must be a curse to want to be liked by others To be hit, to be bruised, to be cold hearted Aren't we supposed to treat one another as brothers
There’s too much that needs changing, all the submitted. Dreams of change are just that, regardless if they are correct. What is already written, can’t help everyone, thus they rant.
They never taught us in school what we were supposed to do when we woke up in the morning and couldn't even look oursleves in the mirror.
If I could change one thing I would be how society looks at women Why are we considered fragile, lithe emotionally unstable When we give birth to the nation's brightest, strongest and excellent
  White rustic figure tips, Reaching out to a beaten hand, Those ice crystal lips, Shivered at the sounds of foot steps, Liquid eyes gazed upon the moving horizon,
Insecurity An unnerving bug slithers under my skin and conquers the brain   Insecurtiy  Taunts sizes above 0 Causes the stomach to rumble while eyes avert cupcakes and candy bars
I've been searching my life, I will keep looking for you, I pray that you will come, I cry for you every night, Why did you leave me? Will you ever return? Where are you? I need you,
What I Would Change
Just one thing made non-existant, Change would make it meaningless, Pains that have raked at our hearts, Send messages to our souls,   The pains are what make us who we are,
Our Earth is indestructible.We are 7 billion strong with numers on the rise.Day after day thousands are born.Is there no end to our reign?Greed is our mottoas we consume to no end.
She looks into the sky. “I wanna change the world” She says. “It starts within” He says. She sets out to change herself. And with this she spreads smiles and love.
We can't change anything where we are now, we have to take stand, do something,   but that doesn't give anyone the right to criticize another, just because their views are different than our own, 
Sean realized at a young age Other boys were not quite the same He wasn’t on the same page   No one was to blame He was so estranged He felt naught but shame  
Poverty and crime Should have disappeared with time,  Let's not say we're fine.
What would I change to see this world better? What do i believe is best for those around us? what could make a diffrence and help my friends and family? Changing our ability with how act towards others.
I turn on the news Rape, murder, missing Those words have become boring to me A black boy has been shot The white man who killed him goes home free Bullshit What has this world come to?
A generation pressured by society A society driven by expectations and decisions Decisions that restrain us like animals to a cage A cage that strips what little freedom we were given
Everyone deserves to live, to be spared from violence, and to have a chance to pursue happiness.   These rights can be in jeopardy,  if danger lurks around every corner,
What would I change? If I could change anything?Big or small? If I could change anything It would all be the same Because that's too much power And not enough merit
Change, everything is constantly changing. We need to change the issue of bullying. People are dying, children are crying, yet still there's hate. When will the world see that something needs to be done.
Look outside And see the war— Forces uncontrollable And powers that destroy   Look outside And see the peace. Blood remains stained in our hearts, But cleaned from the streets.  
When I think about the times today and what I can do to change it I begin to think about the endless aways to make things different. I would change the way I look at people in hopes that it would have a chain reaction
Fear, cry with me Hold me Twisting my soul And tasting my tears. Hiding underneath Its breathe Homeless children Appearing yet Disconnected
Have you ever been bullied? Maybe not, but has your community been bullied?
She is special. She may not be a social butterfly but that's ok. Her friends and family love and accept her anyway. In school, the teacher's try their best to help,
If I could change anything I would change everything I would give young girls and boys  Better role models to look up to That are more like them   Little girls would no longer
If I had the power to change one thing It would be a friend Who has taken a road A road with a dead end.   He got lost in the haze Purple to be exact
There is monster trapped inside Its clawing to find a way out So deeply concealed in the depths of her heart Thud-thud, thud-thud, thud-thud faster and faster till she just can’t help but shout
I would make the process of going to college as easy as going to High School, going to college would be as easy as if college was 13th grade in High School, no more SAT/ACT tests to only show that you can test well but lacks to provide my value a
So much of my dayI think about musicI write lyrics down everydayAnd my notebook can prove it.
When I first learned that no one could ever love me more than mea world of happiness previously unseen was discoveredbecause somewhere along the line of aging and scrutiny and timeI was taught to despise myself 
Imagine a world you never have known Colors and shapes and ways to be shown,
Unavoidable change. Nobody can control change. Mutations happen.
Why do I keep coming back to this little room? Shut away inside myself Hiding in my cocoon Seeing no escape I am trapped inside of this lonely cocoon Spun from threads of my insecurities and fears  
If I could change just one thing, it would be the thoughts Of all these kids I see, with pain in their hearts I wake up everyday, with a smile on my face Surviving is enough for me, joy comes with no price
To change the world, if only for a day, must originate from a simple idea. If I could change the world, it would not be an easy job.
Who are you to say what is wrong and what is right?   Years ago a law was made and today that law is not.  Things tend to change a lot. The government is so tough on many and not on others.  Who says what is to be?
 Oh My Gosh, I Hate Myself! I am hideously atrocious. Why can’t I look like her? She is gorgeous; a size zero; tall; model-like. Everyone adores her. Why can’t I look like her?
What would I change?                I would change a world of countries Into a world. One single world. Where we may not be peaceful, but at least we are united. Where it will not matter where you come from
I tire of adults saying  were too young to know what we want were they not once young like us?
If I could change one thing I would make all the drugs dissapear Along with all the pain and abandoned fears The hatred and the pain Drove me emotionally insane Somehow I made it to college
The journey came and stole me away A path less travelled I knew not where I would go Insanity had tarnished my soul Up was down and right was left The confusion roared like dragons at war Time became a waste
We take things for granted. Imagine if you lost everything.  Live someone else's life. Realize how lucky you are.  Everyone should feel that. Create charities for the poor.
The silent screams echo across the world. Everyone can see it, but turns away. The menacing words scar our society. Why do we stand for this? Why do we continue to let this happen?
The world is different now. Everything revolves around money. It's all self gain and shiny objects. Why is it not socially acceptable to want to spend money helping others?
Endless darkness I hear but cannot see,
Its main reason isn't to make you feel well Its purpose isn't about making them feel small But instead see the backstory on why they had once fell. To feed them your attention as they take you through their hall.  
Fight Why do we continue to fight? letting go what's in our minds
We all go to college,but at what price?Go thousands in debt;to try to suffice. We work towards this job;to do well in life.But lately it seems,College is a double-sided knife
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