Why do we continue to fight?

letting go what's in our minds

Forgetting what's in our sights

Forgetting what was the real reason

Why we even began this fight

Was it to protect that little girl crying in the streets because she just watched her parents die?

Or is it because we want revenge?

Or maybe its because we're selfish and don't know what's really right

How about we stop this fight

How about we keep families happy

How about we make sure they don't have to worry all through the day and all through the night

So let's put down the weapons

Let's end this fight

And maybe just maybe

Everything will turn out alright





My uncle had to be deployed to fight for our countrya three times, each time he had to leave was more frightening  than before. I do not have a problem with our troops fighting for our country, but I believe there is no logical reason for the war.

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