Looking into the sky wondering what its like to fly,

your in a new dimension and I'm in a quandary asking why?

Never am I to forget the day you were taken away from me without a minute to say goodbye.



Silence as my dreams tend to be,

Reminiscing of what was left of thee.

Though you are not here physically,

I know you are here listening to me.

So, what is it that I desire?

Well, none of which that would satisfy one's wish.



Weak on the inside, strong on the outside is what I hide from them all.

Showing your weakness is unruly of them all.

Fear no person but myself,

because what hurts the most is noticing my regrets.



Things that hurt you make you stronger, are opinions said by others.

With past memories taunting me, how could I forget my mother?

Our relationship has gone beyond mother daughter,

but a unique bond that molds us together.



I talk to you when in need of help, no one seems to understand all the times I have knelt.

Hands in a clasp and head faced down, drowning out every and any sound.

Even though you can not talk to me it's nice to know,

you're here listening to me without telling me no.



I fail to realize that your gone,

without a moments notice, not even a hug.

There is just one thing that I must say, the violence needs to needs to end today!


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