The Mute Children

Times are not good for all

We struggle to adapt

While others just napped

We just want to be accepted

But instead we are infected

With the hate and rage that echos in the wall

And we have no voice to make a call

Each day we watch another fall


We many not be able to talk

But some are not able to walk

And yet they still have a chance

It's not our fault that you’ll got into each others pants

But it doesn’t mean we need to pay with our lives


You may have an issue

But I bet you were never called tissue

“So small you can’t even see it”

A pronoun.. not even a name?

A problem American just can’t tame

The funny thing is we are all the same

It says that we are equal

But I don’t see equality


They say it was for the best

They said that I was a pest

So then why are you distressed

Can’t even smile so depressed

Because the truth you can’t digest

No weakness can be expressed

Because you are possessed

With the lies they injected

You are now completely infected

I am left unprotected

And about to be rejected

By my own mother


They don’t want to think about it

Because then they would have to admit

That I had a heart beat

That I had little sweet feet

That I desired a chance

But our society is in a trance


Fine go a head and ignore me

But there is going to be fee

A life long one that won’t leave

A guilt trip that you have to heave

Because no matter what they say

And no matter what you pay

You know it was cold-blooded murder

And yet American some how goes further

They make it legal

Legal to terminate life

An ongoing strife


I know that this may be hard to accept

But there is no boundary I have over stepped

And I will not stop until everyone know the truth

Because I speak for the mute youth



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