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An intoxicated man hit a woman's car when he decided to drive.She didn't die when her car was struck but her son didn't survive.She couldn't even attend her son's funeral because she was hospitalized.
driving home to youunfortunately I died~ text said I love you.driving and textingnew car for graduation~ hey guys guess what I. . ..
When I set out I really try to drive relaxed, not be that guy but then some jerkwad cuts me off and I forget words kind and soft   My hand grips tight my steering wheel 
There's nothing more depressing than pigeons in the park. Did you know that stars are most likely burnt out by the time we see their light? Your soft lips in the light of the exit sign,
Driving, at night, in the rain The street lights invite Colors on the road Get stoned, and listen to Music on the radio You enjoy the visual show The neon lights bounce off you As you enjoy the solitude Colors of yellow and blue That you must pass
Hello Mr. mustang, please don’t text while you drive Unless of course you are ready to die In that case please don’t do it here When children and innocent people are near For not everyone is prepared for their death
You just got your first car, but to drive is something new. Your hands are on the wheel, but they're not at 10 and 2. You haven 't had much practice and you didn't take the test,
Who put the baby in the drivers seat Beause I promise you I´m like 12 Why are you putting these keys in my hand Ok I guess this is happnening I used to have a car seat It was blue AND pink with little flowers
A drive in the dark holding a stick Shifts up and down   This new thing Fumes a Fear, Fumes a Fire running me down at dark   Do I dare continue with my life on the line
I think I could die
Words have never sat on my tongue well Never tasted like sweet juleps in summer heat Or rolled like a Rolls Royce out of my mouth Instead caught in the cracks of the dirty pavement,
Five feet from the stop sign, scraped and shivering From the streaks of air that buffeted All the world but you.   You squatted on that plastic stool.
  76 MPH down I-85. The tires rolling underneath make me think of a galloping horse. For five hours, I watch the scenery change Towering city to Abandoned town to Blazing tree tops.
Driving down the road at night A deer jumps out in a fright I stared at Death in this guise And saw They have big doe eyes The deer kept left and I kept right I took a breath; I was spared that night.
driving down the highway with nothing but my sanity barely clinging to reality staring in my vanity chasing after clarity
Which way will you turn? Blinkers stay unlit, One land, Two sea, None by inept driver. Absent headed fool in traffic we sit, Stick figure family, mocking riders.  
Honor-level classes, need new glasses Midterm crunch, all I can think about is lunch  Undecided majors, driving dangers Drivers license test in 2 weeks, feeling meek Not enough time in the day, losing my way
Driving Safely, I add. Life is so dangerous. Safety is your priority. Drive, mate!
My eyes count the striped white lines In the middle of the street. I speed and the lines zoom by faster. Making my eyes shake Back And Forth. Unable to count anymore, They become a solid line.
It was slow, The crunch of the metal, The small throbbing glow, It made my eyes start to settle.   Most were just screaming,
Maybe it's a second Maybe it's a teeny tiny eensy weensey little time That you don't know where you are Or where you're going In a vehicle only you can stop Capable of killing Capable of saving
Jonathan wears red. Jonathan was good. He was smart and handsome. Jonathan had bottle, He called it a bottle of fun. He drank it at night He drank in the sun. Jonathan wears red,
Are you excited to have a driver's license that can increase your freedom of movement in Alberta? If yes, then start preparing for the test as the process is not at all easy.
My dad's an alcoholic, so naturally, I've always been afraid of him drinking and driving. Sources say that ever 53 minutes,  someone die from a drunk driving accident. My dad could easily have been one.
They smile as they remember how they met. She laughs until her eyes are wet. He can't help but look at her face, A moment he would never erase. He's staring at her and he starts to laugh too.
Dear Mom, I woke up today screaming and then realized it was just a nightmare. I don’t know why you didn’t come to check on me but I know I will be okay.   Dear Mom,
Becoming Me, Becoming Free, The road is a passageway of being independent and being me. The freedom of life is what gets me inside,  The street lights attack my eyes, 
I love driving, anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.    The rush of hearing the engine roar when you have to change gears, The conversations and secretes confessed, 
Becoming Me, Becoming Free, The road is a passageway of being independent and being me. The freedom of life is what gets me inside,  The street lights attack my eyes, 
There is nothing quite like getting in the car while it rains. I turn onto the interstate, and set my pace at about 70 mph. I love the sound of each and every rain drop falling onto my car.
When the world is in its softest sleep, we are awake.   We are roaring down the highway past city lights and nostalgic meadows. We roll down the windows, and a heavy petrichor fills the bitter cold air.
HAPPY PLACE   When I couldn’t find it in the bluerubber swings that had hung themselveswith a rusted noose from decade-old woodat the city park, I drove on.  
im really rather fond of drivingof moving, while not moving muchof possessing the power to annihilatebut using it for meandering about andgoing to mcdonalds
The intern reminds me to sanitize,so I stick my hand under the machine, and foamdrips out. Fingers meet palms, then part.The ethanol slaughters strains of bacteria,which will reclaim my hands in a few minutes more.
You’ve always told me that you get your best ideas  driving alone when your weary body slips into  your hypnotic state when your eyes  become the headlights that light the way
You see that girl You see that mother down on her knees Crying for help as she lays with that girl with her eye closed But...you stand there..
Flying down the South-East highway,Saw some blue eyes facing my way.Push my foot down lower, lower,But my car seems to go slower.To catch those blue eyes is my goal,Yet to do so will take a toll.
It always begins the same. You slide behind a cold cold wheel. The solid black night stretches on forever. You slip trance like as the lights fly by. Each one a life with choices and consequences. 
Driving is all fun and Games   until all the fun and games come to an end because of a stupid decision made by you and a friend  
  Shadows of purple periodically interrupted by flashes of fluorescent yellow Innards warmed like melted caramel Riding in a car, late at night, I felt safe.  
My hands fell on morning Hard leather, cigarettes Tint midnight memories. Smoldering red sun snuck Up on me. Heartbroken Mother draped in her gown Waves me off.  From my home
Where are they going?
  Driving away, blistering through toll gates of expectations and societal feign traits booming radio raids of rebellion streak
Pressing further down the road. Pressing harder on the petal. Racing my way- To the thought of you. At the end of this road, I see me coming home. Back to you. Gripping the steering wheel,
Twisting and swerving through every glass patch-
--Drive Safe! --I will! The words are said without a thought No meaning given to the promise --I will! Hands at 10 and 2 Shift to drive Turn right toward school --I will!
Solitude is where my comfort exists And where I'm most blessed to be  Which is why I find myself
Driving to you the highway rushes up to me blends into the orange and red sidelines my eyes stay fixated towns pass I do not notice as I lose myself  miles slip by and by
I don't know how it happened How you dissapeared One minute here The next Gone You hit the person in front of you We all assumed you didn't do it We made up stories
Inevitable, preventable, tragic, relieving. His fault, her fault, their fault, YOUR fault. Somebody's dead.
Seventy-five miles per hour. You'd think it'd be enough. But no, you're feeling tough, Invincible. One car length for every ten. I thought we all learned it when We were sixteen years old
I am a mere pedestrian Doomed to live a momentary existence Leaving your cerebrum as soon as the light turns
The only memory I havent yet blocked from my mind
Backseat dreaming, Hands curled lazily into my lap, Sunglasses resting on my nose, Headphones on at half blast, as PR News blares so loud I’m sure the car next to us can hear it. There’s no foot room.
"A! Share the road!" "B! Bump!" "C! City Limit!" "D! Detour!" "E! Exit!" "F! Freeway!" "G! Gas!" "H! Highway!" "I! Interstate" "J! Jen put that down!" "K! Men at work!"
Raven, slow down! where you are going is not worth your life their life no ones life. slow down! you'll get there in time better in peace than in p i e c e s.
Why are you going so slow? Don't you know you're on the left side of the road? I am trying to go fast,  Why won't you let me get past?   There are three other lanes. Can't you see you're being a pain?
I sat in the passenger seat   and listened to the drivers heart beat
The single white dividing line beats past, Not measuring blurred distance or rhythmic time, But the spinning of wheels over asphalt.   Mississippi summers creep in through Latched windows and locked doors,
Put Down the Gun You know something completely safe  If trained and used right Or something dangerous that might end a life So put down the gun   You think I'm crazy You're driving you say
  Delicate is that fancy cell phone held, that sharp bottle sits, that youthful face drives. 
Four high schoolers, four athletes, four different ambitions.
She thought she was invincible 19 and young Invincible to the cops Invincible to the shots Invincible to a drive That took her down a road late one night She ran from the cops,
I had a friend, whose name was Sam Sam was always smiling He went driving one day, and then BAM! The car was flying, flipping, and rolling Sam had received a text on his phone
You say you didn't drink that much.No one tries to stop you. You take the keys and drive off. You didn't realize the light was red, you kept going. You wake up in the hospital, 
I blink as the warmth enters my eyes
I have driven many miles with you in my passenger seat Your blue eyes shimmering in the hot sunlight My hand rests in yours My eyes flicker to the edge of my pink rimmed Ray Bans, to glance at the beautiful sight
I find myself in laughterAs my breath fogs up the windowAnd I write my last wordsBefore I am send to learn moreToday is not the usual day.
I feel something warm and wet sliding down my face I want to sit up, but I seem to be stuck in place I've never imagined such a blinding pain The cool ground beneath me is keeping me somewhat sane
I'm lost in this world alone. I don't know who I am. Where do i belong? Do I belong in this world? Is my past and present leading to a good future? I really need to find my way! Was I meant to be here?
Long day at work It follows me home Work is my shadow The stress is my shadow This is my life
Aching, screaming  Shortness of breath, Begging, pleading Wanting to cheat death Bargains, promises It will happen no more, If only time froze And would rewind to before.
In the darkness and the rain,My life will never be the same.The driver crossed into my lane,And for my trauma is to blame.
There's never a tomorrow until we choose to fall asleepif we seal the fate with this knife then the death will peakthe blood spills with every second wastedsitting here crying why hath death hasted
Driving the car got a text from a friends asking "where you at" I look down at my phone the next the thing I knew I hit a boy crossing the street OH NO HE'S Dead Now spending 50 years in jail
Cursing lights flood the dark, Stains of grey upon the road Twisting, Wrenching Streams Slip Slowly, slickly, down the damp hills hidden behind the curve of my left shoulder ----suntanned, scarred----
Life is dictated in Time's court So fuck around all you want Time will come and strip your selfishly selfless conceited joys Gavel slammed to a sentence of eternal damnation You to an eternity of never ending
People here, people there. People people everywhere. People talking nonstop now, Leaving me out in the crowd. People that are afraid to speak They're like me and feel so weak.
RING! RING! Click! A text came through It reads "WHR R U?" Not parked, moving motion CRASH! SLAM! SCREECH! What's the commotion? Three spins and a twist your wrapped around a pole
It won't happen to me, I said. That's a sad story, but it won't happen to me. I'm invincible. A teenager. My "whole life ahead of me". It won't happen to me. I'll do everything right. I promised. I won't drink and drive. I agreed.
There are some drives Down the open flat of The coast highway, where we had hair Whipping against our cheeks, stinging, As the effect never shown in pictures.
Corners of eyes, Crinkle like parched riverbank, Parchment paper being crushed slowly, Arching eyes a deep, Coffee-colored luminescence, Which white ignites, Reflected from the cars’ strident headlights.
They smile and they giggle And the back is filled with bumps. His hands on the the wheels and each turn is smooth as silk. It weaves a brilliant spiderweb Through the mornings, after school.
20 and 21 So young, without cares. She drove too fast He hurt too much Unexpected... Death- something we avoid Something we escape They didn't They couldn't
Bullies Drive people away. Give them a ride home And drop them off at a dead End. Disregard stop signs. Pass on a double-yellow And don't stop when they say "When."
My heart is racing. I'm waiting for you, by the door. You told me you'll be quick. The time is growing longer, i'm sick. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4. Where are you, my love? Why haven't you walked through my door?
Death, murder, heartache, incarceration The very things teens attempt to avoid Texting and driving The very thing that can lead to it all
I'm driving on a lonely road When the time is no closer to sunrise than the last sunset. My headlights are overshadowed by the darkness surrounding it, And I'm tired-- Tired of feeling no feelings,
needle's talking ninety, meter shaking from the volume, windows pulse and this beat-- strands whip over my eyes, windows low and this breeze.
How can they be so completely immersed? This “love” that barely had a chance to start, Is sickening to the deep’st part of my heart. Why was I doomed to have this awful curse?
I look forward to rolling down the streets at you in tiny plastic cars. But Saturdays can’t come too soon the streets are black, you won’t call back till late afternoon
No one knows where home is. It's not exactly where your heart is, Where you grew up, Or where you spend the most time. It's where you mind wanders the most. It's where you feel the safest
Behind every beautiful lie And every bad Truth Experiences arise From severe torment And new demons To god's angels And beautiful feelings Regrets poses threats and thoughts
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