Today is not a usual day

Sat, 11/09/2013 - 23:38 -- jetman


I find myself in laughter
As my breath fogs up the window
And I write my last words
Before I am send to learn more
Today is not the usual day.

I turn the keys giving the car life
It struggles for air like that of an infant
And fires to life
Bowing down to every command
Today is not the usual day

Parent eyes through the windows
Give me a sense of precaution
But out of sight I rev the engine
It screams down the white covered road
Urging me to slow down
Today is not the usual day

Pleasure is clouding my mind
I think not of the future
I think not of past
I think only of the present
Today is not the usual day

I am invincible, nothing can go wrong
My tires slip under snow
But I remain in control
My journey is ending soon
My destination is not far
To study amongst my peers
Today is not the usual day

Snow covers the road like silk
The 18 wheel monster comes too close
How can rubber burn in snow?
Today is not the usual day
Because I will soon pass away


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