Long day at workIt follows


Long day at work

It follows me home

Work is my shadow

The stress is my shadow

This is my life

Once hoping you would be my wife

This was the day

I come home

It is war, Broken glass on the floor

You yell and scream

Saying I haven’t treated you well

I ask what do you mean

My time was spent on work

No receipt

No returns

Not enough time spent on you

My belongings you threw

Threw out into the yard

Along with pieces of my heart, Chards

The road is my runway

About to take flight

In the front seat are your flowers

It’s late at night

Roads vacated at these hours

Trying to stay awake with all my might

Weather report snow with a chance of rain showers

The weight of my thoughts doesn’t suffice

Doesn’t suffice as a sandbag replacement

For a second my focus is more lost than myself

Myself on my life’s journey

Friction between road and tires are gone just like those in my life

My car flips

My car crumbles

Gasoline Drips

Beneath sounds rumble

Burst of flames

An exothermic reaction

Taking all my will and demons releasing them as heat

An oasis of heat in this white landscape

As I look over at the bouquet

You threw back at me

Riding in your seat

The fire takes the last oxygen out of my lungs

Red peddles become ash

People rush to the scene

Sirens and screams fill the night’s air

Paramedics doing their best impression of god

Trying to restore life to my lifeless body

Life welcomes me back

Long enough to say

“I still love her”

Clenched hand becomes limp

The ring exposed

My life leaves

The weight is gone

Now she’ll remember me

When she sees that roadside cross 




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