Four Divided in Two

Four high schoolers, four athletes, four different ambitions.

There was the football player paired with the diver,

And the basketball player paired with the softball player.

Four responsible people attempting to make curfew from date night.

One reckless driver.

Known for his party background,

Equipped with a driving record.

Where the road switched from 55mph to 65mph,

 Two groups met.

The minivan appeared stronger than the sudan.

The sudan however had three things the minivan lacked:

Drugs, alcohol and speed.

Like a cold front meeting a warm front,

A storm was bound to happen.

The cold front crept behind the warm front

Carrying it away in its tornado.

The warm front lost its footing

Rotating eight times before haulting to a stop.

The group of four was divided in two.

The basketball player and the diver remained idle.

Their counterparts, the softball player and football player,

Were not in Kansas anymore.

They drifted to a place where one can only go once.

Two mentally and physically wounded athletes.

Left lacking the strength to stand.

One reckless driver.

Adding points to his license.

One school of 3,500 children, mourning the loss of their anchors.

A sorrow filled holiday season because of one.

Treat every car ride like your first,

You never know when the storm is due to hit.


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