The Technology Plague


Out the window, I see what is what was and what will be.

Blank faces come into view,

as I see what our future will guarantee.

Intelligence and social skills have bid adieu.

Glass screens are now our sustenance.

Furious flying creatures destroying pork is more important

Than listening to an important speech.

These zombies leech.

A zombie completely ignores a story from a friend.

All that matters is how many thumbs up they just got.

A child shouts,

"Mom! Look at this!"

The screen consumes her.

"How many followers do i have now?"

No more starring people in the eyes.

Never starring at the sky.

Blank faces everywhere,

consuming app upon app.

Even while driving,

these zombies can't control their hunger.

many lives are missed.

Parents give 2 year olds tablets.

Its easier that way.

A movie is no longer enough.

Small, bright light out of the corner of my eye,

blinds and distracts.

Classrooms are no longer filled with learning.

Just tweeting, liking, blogging.

But hey,

"it's cool."

Oh, how they drool at every new update!

Facebook can wait.

A friend wont.

Niether will that important part of a movie.

Or that thing your teacher just said.

Parents should parent.

There is a time and place for everything.



Dont worry if imaginary friends and followers retweet or like what your doing.

We can stop this zombieland.

Listen and enjoy but most of all,





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