The Social Dilemma


United States
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People here, people there.
People people everywhere.

People talking nonstop now,
Leaving me out in the crowd.

People that are afraid to speak
They're like me and feel so weak.

People here people there
People people everywhere.
They're all careless, or so they seem
They don't notice anything.
I don't speak, they think it's choice.
But it's 'cause I need a voice.

People here, people there.
People people everywhere.
Is there someone that's out there,
Someone that can give me care.
All I need is one is one small thing.
That small thing'll mean everything.
May you please just be my friend?
Let's form a friendship that'll never end.

People here, people there.
People people everywhere.
Take some time to realize,
Those that feel like their disguised,
Or else they might friend suicide.

People here, people there
People people everywhere.
Here's a message you can't deny,
They're people that may just die.
They fear to speak out loud,
They fear to be part of the crowd.
If not just afraid, then they're depressed.
They need to be befriended.

It may sound like they ignore you,
But you're the ones ignoring them fool
Don't you see, don't you care
If you do then get out there,
Make sure that they are aware.
You're their friend, it's okay
Let your fears go away.



A message to the world to help SAD become recognized. I am a victim of Social Phobia

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