Those who make it.


There's never a tomorrow until we choose to fall asleep
if we seal the fate with this knife then the death will peak
the blood spills with every second wasted
sitting here crying why hath death hasted
we don't know what we want anymore just for it all to end
to deaths previous endeavor we choose to ever so attend
we let them win with every word they say
if we take it to heart it will take us to the grave
Why oh why did they have to go
because what Mom and Dad didn't know
what friends and family let be words
were slowly killing the one who hurts
as the knife slides so fast it seems so slow
the cuts are deep and the blood just flows
the water waits to take you away
the dreams of happiness drifting away
the pain is fading with memories good and bad
but no matter how much you try you always end up sad
i'm not going today nor never until my time
death has to try harder because i win this time
i'm done even trying to beat his design
because our final destination isn't lying alone in time
we all have a plan and some have a lot of curves
but we make it through it and it gives us rewards
a life of subtle happiness with love and desire
what a shame you let death take over your power
your life isn't here and no one can see you
just drifting in time space less no feelings
this was written for the ones who made it,
sorry and rest peacefully for the ones who tried
only if you have will you get the true meaning
of this poem i wrote on this lonely dark evening
my name is Brady, and yes this was mine
i wrote this off my head, in my desperate time.
I will make it through, i hope this time,
death will not take me, Forever life will be mine.


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