Who put the baby in the driver´s seat?

Who put the baby in the drivers seat

Beause I promise you I´m like 12

Why are you putting these keys in my hand

Ok I guess this is happnening

I used to have a car seat

It was blue AND pink with little flowers

I used to watch rain drops race down my window in the back seat

My dad would drive and my mom would sit in front

And they would hold hands

I used to have a best friend who was so clever, so cool

We had picknicks in her yard, played witches in the attic

I used to be a straight A student

Remember how algebra works, know when to put the toys away

I used to think I was good writer

Silly ideas splashing acoross 9 pages when most managed 6

I used to think I was more mature than everyone around me

I used to wish I was dead

I used to be good at friends

Ok I guess this is happening

I don´t see dad often anymore but he visits when he can

Every family is like an old quilt with a few tears and mends

Clever girl, friend group #1, Friend group #2

We´ve all grown up and apart, connected by telephone lines and warm memories

I still struggle with algebra, struggle with time and control

Fumbble with writitng and people

You´re giving me keys that I don´t deserve

I´m still afraid of driving, but

At least I don´t want to die.

I want to fight. I miss just chasing rain drops and laughing with friends.

I´m still afraid of driving.

But I get in, white knuckle the wheel,

And take it slow. Slow.

This poem is about: 
My family


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