The Miles Ahead


United States
40° 46' 25.2984" N, 74° 1' 37.47" W
United States
40° 46' 25.2984" N, 74° 1' 37.47" W

Solitude is where my comfort exists

And where I'm most blessed to be 

Which is why I find myself

Content in a simple thing 

Forgive me if it sounds a bit like a country song 

A laid-back thing that is my truck and me 


My thoughts bounce sporadically through my mind

Like fiery arcs of lightning 

A spark of intense flame that dissolves into the cold claws of the storm 

But driving alone they calm 

The road stretches endlessly before me and my mind follows it like a beacon 

My destination changes but the journey is the same


They say you have to slow down to enjoy beauty

I find this untrue

For in flashes out of the corner of my eye

I see ordinary wonders


Children frolick in a yard

An old man sits sentinal in a rocking chair

The autumn leaves wink with colors

Red orange yellow brown

Perched tediously on their branches

Fields of corn sway under a curtain of wind 

Cows lazily flick their tails

Swaths of cotton-like clouds coat the cerulean sky

The world keeps turning and I am only passing through

The blaring radio keping a beat 

As I view my earth in snapshots 


Some days there are storms

Sometimes it's dark

Some days there is snow beating outside the glass 

But all it takes is one day

Where the sun seeps through the windows

Enticing me to roll them down

And listen to the wind as it greets me

Restlessly trying to untangle my thick curls

With thin invisible fingers


Still the road is winding and stretching ahead

Soon it will stop

Eventually I will have to return

To the slow mediocre pace of society


Only this moment is mine for now

Just a second

But it is more precious to me

And lovelier to live in 

Than whatever is waiting for me


The destination beckons me out of this bliss

Still I ignore it

As the song says, "Life is A Highway"

And I must choose which road to take 

However my metal companion will always be there

To carry me to my future

Or back home

One mile at a time.



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