Drinking & Driving


You say you didn't drink that much.
No one tries to stop you. 
You take the keys and drive off. 

You didn't realize the light was red, 
you kept going. 

You wake up in the hospital, 
all damaged and bruised. 

You wonder what happens, 
then you get dreadful news.

You hit another car, 
a mom, a dad, and their two sons.

They weren't as lucky as you, 
you're informed the car flipped several times, 
and they all died. 
Why was it them and not you?

You feel so guilty, wish you could rewind.
You wonder what happens next. 

Was the liquor worth it? 
Killing innocent people?

Little did you know, 
they were on their way back from church,
had so much life ahead of them,
and now all hope is gone, due to a few shots. 

Drinking and driving is serious, 
give someone your keys, 
I promise the consequences aren't worth it.


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