I Thought I Lost You


United States
40° 17' 18.5244" N, 76° 49' 12.7128" W

My heart is racing. I'm waiting for you, by the door.
You told me you'll be quick.
The time is growing longer, i'm sick. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4.
Where are you, my love? Why haven't you walked through my door?
Maybe you're at a friend's house or there's a line at the store.
You could be working on a surprise or maybe something more.
I got that cold call, a horrible knock at my door.
Man in uniform, not my hunny once more.
I race to your side, race to see your face.
You didn't reach your destination, you made a quick mistake.
Your messages could wait but you read them right away.
You are still with me, greatful you were spared.
tearful, overjoyed, i'm a ball of emotion as I look into your eyes.
I thought I lost you.


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