How to Drive

Sun, 06/16/2019 - 00:16 -- Jahkori

You just got your first car, but to drive is something new.

Your hands are on the wheel, but they're not at 10 and 2.

You haven 't had much practice and you didn't take the test,

Yet still the car is waiting there for you to drive your best.

Don't know what 's next? Let me help you out a bit.

Just a few more road rules, before you're allowed sit.

Put your key in the ignition and then start up the car.

Break at the stop sign, look for traffic from a far.

Put on your turning signal, put on your eyes.

So if someone starts crossing, it's not a big surprise.

Lives are in danger, yours and others too.

Still think this driving thing is something you should do?

It's ok my friend, every driver makes mistakes.

All you need is practice and I know you will be great.

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Our world
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