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20 and 21
So young, without cares.
She drove too fast
He hurt too much
Death- something we avoid
Something we escape
They didn't
They couldn't
Memorializing and respecting
Crying and accepting
We miss and we grieve
We wonder why their lives were so brief?
God needed them.
He needed those two souls.

She had a daughter, Berkley
A fiance, tied town and ready to live.
She was happy, she was free...
But that day, God needed them
He needed them more than me.

He always smiled.
His laugh gave joy.
He made many memories.
So many loved him, so many cared.
Yet, still, no one seems to understand..
Why God took them, so suddenly.

So now we drop our heads.
We lay them on our beds.
We pray to God.
We long for answers.
Why did they leave?
Was it their time?
God answered me..
He said, "Yes, darling, I gave them angels wings."

So now I smile when I think of thee
For God so loved them, He set them free.
We may still cry,
We may still weep,
But we must remember..
The pain is gone, they aren't suffering.

She is looking down at her baby.
She's watching her grow.
He is seeing his sister.
He's watching the show.
Instead of feeling so alone, I pray to God.
I pray for him to show me my way
Just like he did for them that day.
Now, we let them be.
Rest in peace, Darian and Andy.


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