The Road Ahead

Becoming Me,

Becoming Free,

The road is a passageway of being independent and being me.

The freedom of life is what gets me inside, 

The street lights attack my eyes, 

The different colored cars make random turns, 

But I know that I am becoming me, and becoming free. 

I glide through the parking lot,

and get to a stall. 

But its not perfect so I must do it once more. 

I run into the fence straight ahead, 

I was scared but it was nothing yet. 

I roll out of a parking garage wrong,

there goes the bumper what else could go wrong. 

I play my music loud and hear a big thump,

Oh no, what could that be? 

It was a speed bump. 

Crackle, crackle, crackle, 

What is that sound? 

The music is gone, 

The speaker must have gone out. 

About to leave for school today. 

I turn the key and nothing is displayed.

I lift the hood and realize today, that this is what I have become

a bad driver, but who cares at least I won't be on the road today. 

I finally became me, and somewhat free.


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