Asleep At The Wheel

Maybe it's a second

Maybe it's a teeny tiny eensy weensey little time

That you don't know where you are

Or where you're going

In a vehicle only you can stop

Capable of killing

Capable of saving

But in that moment either could be reality


Maybe it's a minute

Are you in a neighborhood? On the freeway? Does cruise control determine your pace? What happens when it fails? Will you fail too? And when you wake will it be to a crash or a skid? Will breaking glass make you realize that the cost of your life is many others?


Don't you know how much power you hold?

The lives you made in that car you rode

Praying "please please don't sleep on this turn 

"We have to make it"

They never learn

That life is not in their hands 

It's in yours

And that at your driving

Will determine their course 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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