Put Down the Gun

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 02:18 -- Dicey

Put Down the Gun

You know something completely safe 

If trained and used right

Or something dangerous that might end a life

So put down the gun


You think I'm crazy

You're driving you say

There is no gun there just you 

A Phone 

And a wheel


It's there that piece of metal

You know how to use it

You have been trained 

You know to put it down

Off and away


But the slim piece of metal

The irrestible sound 

A buzz, ring, or song

Can be the danger found

When you sit behind the seat at a fast moving speed


Everything is fast

We walk at 3 miles per hour

You drive at what? 


So yes the slim piece of metal may end you life


It's not always dangerous

You know and your trained

But now it is only a waiting game

Will you put it down?

Turn off the sound and noise?


Simply Get in

Buckle up

Turn on 

Back out 

Shift into drive

Move at 25

Make sure it is safely silently away

Put down the gun


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