My dad's an alcoholic,

so naturally,

I've always been afraid of him drinking and driving.

Sources say that ever 53 minutes, 

someone die from a drunk driving accident.

My dad could easily have been one.

So could my brother, sitting at his side,

not being able to do anything.

My sister, who loves going 90 in 60 zones, 

is a true daredevil,

without a deathwish.

She says she likes the thrill,

the adrenaline rush.

I tell her to drive slower,

because I would hate to be the one,

standing above her empty casket,

because her mangled body,

was not apporpriate to sweep in white sheets.

My brothers used to drive,

when they were 13.

Took their friend's mom's car,

and had the time of their lives,

driving from police,

and responsobilities,

and confrontation.

I always tell everyone to drive safe,

because I would die if they died.

I always hold people back,

from doing things they regret,

but some people,

most people,

have to take responsibiliy themselves,

so they aren't the ones to end up

in hospital beds,



My parents are so lucky,

they still have four children.

I'm lucky,

my family is still at six.





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