Plastic Cars Crash Easy

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 11:30 -- Pischke


United States
45° 5' 50.0424" N, 87° 13' 45.6024" W

I look forward to
rolling down the streets at you
in tiny plastic cars.

But Saturdays can’t come too soon
the streets are black, you won’t call back
till late afternoon

And my big secret is
I know I played your broken heart.

Headlights sway with poise and ease.
They drink darkness as we
slide sideways through the streets.

Window’s crack, I feel a breeze.
We are flying above our seats
just like those nights I’d tease.

And my big secret is
I never liked you all that much anyway.

I liked dark car rides and the wind
of warm breezes I let seep in
but you rolled up the window
on my fingers with a snap.

I liked the buzz of radio songs
and how you flamed when I sang along.

But you didn’t have to call me that.
You didn’t have to punch me back.
You didn’t have to,
didn’t have to,
didn’t have to hate my guts
and I didn’t have to cry so much.

A jolt
and then a tumble back,
that’s all I can describe.
That’s all that comes to mind.

But my heart jumped
and yours just stopped.
We should have kept it inside.
We should have stayed inside.

Smoky silence and regret…
I think we both hit our heads,
don’t listen to what’s said.

You would cry if I did too.
Who know I had power over you?
But now I’ve lost control.
I just lost control.

And my big secret is
I really miss our little talks.


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