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Roses are black, Violets are blue, Like the hue of my skin Since I got stuck on you.   Your soul is still black, My heart is still blue, But I got away, I hope they do too.  
Blue is the colour of my life. I say this not because I'm always sad, but because blue is a rollercoaster. You see blue is the magnificent moonlit sky, luminous limitless and filled with possibilities.
Narrow hallways in morning Where the sun wont come through I laid cramped on the floor through the night, painted blue Early sky with no warmth Like a push, but not forth Dragged behind my shortcomings
When sleep eludes me, What can I do? When wounds won't bleed, And those truths which I thought I knew, About myself, are no longer me; How does this crow fly in a sky which is no longer blue?  
you are blue like the walls of my room --   soft, yet vibrant.   sturdy and protective.   you are all-encompassing,   my safe space when i have nowhere else to turn.  
fluffy flakes flutter and weave a blanket of white   as the butterflies in my stomach   flap their technicolor wings.   but the only color i feel   is a deep, melancholy blue  
It’s ok to be green or red or blue It’s ok to be happy or even sad too It’s ok to be anything that you want to But most of all it’s ok to be you  
Blue is one of those that colors that is really funny, It can be used to describe that feeling when you are sad and lonely, or it can be used to describe the blue sky when the day is sunny.
Nestled alongside my roost of books and blankets I wonder where you have gone to To the south perhaps? But it's already mid March and snow still continues to fall  
Our goodbye A sad view We never knew Three years of blue You held my heart too close to yours What's left of me? Can I love?
I met a boy a late summer dayHe looked at me and refused to satWhat made him so unhappyHe's a blue boyCall him defensiveBut blue boy don't run from meThe help I give is for free
The sky, The sky How true, How blue All day bright, With cuts long and white But all night dark, With beautiful points of light  
Who is that man? Hot damn! He was the man who let the dogs out I found him in a treehouse  Get out of that tree house! Now he walks with million dollar pants Bring forth the second coming!
I saw her on a sunny day Her hair bright and flowing  Her dress a pale shade of blue Her smile set my world aglow   On the bluest of days When I look in her deep blue eyes  I can feel her warmth
Dear Texas, You warm my heart, From you, I found my start. I love to see that red, white, and blue.    
Blue sky paradise. It's 2 in the morning. The sun is gone, but not for long.   I had to say it twice -  that I didn't know how it had been going since you'd been gone.  
Dear Mr. Blue Eyes, The vulnerability that you bring out in me is unheard of but it is a feeling I am slowly learning to love. There’s no way you don’t see the effect you have on me
Dear Lover, I am a lie. I did not mean to be something that I internally despise But I, I can't help it. You believe that we are as we are born and assigned to either blue or pink.
I was either too young or too naive too selfish or too needy, But your love was the thing I needed. Never had I loved someone’s eyes,
Dear Blue, The look in her eyes shows the pain The smile she puts up is just a phase She has been living in such a daze. Plays pretend with reality
On this day I wore red A color so beautiful and bold I did it to be ahead And hopefully it will have him sold   He, however, wore blue
I planted the seeds in the darkest of dirt, Before the violets and wooden heap. That day my plant did not grow.
Seas vanishing Waves crashing Eyes fleeting Tears dropping Hands clenching Throat tightening Voice rising
My hands are coated in CHARCOAL The burn I got from baking with my best friend is RED All that I can see is the image of WHITE created from the smashing and crashing of endless BLUE.
Her face as red as her name  As she screamed  YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH HER!? His blue eyes looked into hers  Baby, Baby no she is just green with envy of us  and our perfect purple baby 
Glance up meet your eyes a sea of blue I wish to dive into   Open your mouth speaking to me your voice is a song I wish to hear   Your laugh- not graceful
Cheerful crow’s feet by your eyes Those turquoise orbs melt me In the sunlight, I see the stars You lift me   Your perfectly straight teeth
I look into his eyes and See a fantasy world. Filled with unique colors... Colors not yet identified.   Shy sparks of blue Hide beneath his smile. They light up the sky
The colour of her dress as I dipped her on the dance floor that night The colour of the sky as we strolled around town, aimlessly The colour of the water as we splashed in the sea
After you I see the color blue so differently    It's a calm ocean, a startling tide Swaying gently    I can't be here with you. Can't  be here without  
1. Blue was probably the happiest girl I knew in my lifetime… 2. Blue children never make orange love. 3. Blue is the color of her: sadness, tears, and spell book. 4. Blue smells like a Wednesday.
When the pencil shade is lighter an the sun glares brighter I find myself struggling with prose  yet the world turns cold  and soon my verses will grow old I must always have my blue rose  
I can see it when I close my eyes: the vast expanse of dimension rich hue. Some parts, dark as night, thick and meant to show that there is beauty in sorrow. Others, bright as day, thin and born to reveal, to uplift, to shine, to glow.
I saw you todayAnd my heart flipped out of my chestLater that night I couldn't rest.Months after getting over youThere I was back in your graspAnd now I reminisce about our past.
I cried tears of color  I cried tears of blue  I cried tears of red; and the color ran through I cried tears of color  each a different hue I cried tears of dread  as my mind thought of you.
I do not wear lavender  bruises of pain; blue laces my skin, reminiscent of the rain.
Bounded by Red, White, and Blue shackles We stand one Nation, under God In the unemployment line.   Thirteen Red stripes
born in tchaikovsky's sixthsymphony the finale beginsquietly tapers into melodymeandering sweetly cafardswelling weaving between
Red, white, blue-the country in which I exist Never questioned or realizing that something is amiss.. Born to a culture that screams being patriotic since before I was a kid. Red
She wore blue on her wedding day. Blue as the sky she looked up at when she couldn’t believe her luck when they met. Blue as his eyes
The parallels of wooden window frames Race up the sides of luminescent figures While the blinds sway microscopically in a Nonexistent breeze. Not a breath blowing The pair Posed like dolls,
I was made in America. My grandfather is a veteran. My father black. My mother white. I am from a bloodline of freedom fighters. I was packaged,
Everyone preaches the great Red, White, and Blue. We've been raised to. But why do we praise Red, White, and Blue? Why is it something we so mindlessly do? Hands over our hearts, we pledge to one nation,
    Red is for the blood Red for all those who’ve bled for freedom White is for nothing Nothing that anybody has done to ensure the freedom of all
You bring me blue roses, at the end of every day. And that blue smile you carry, will never fade away.   Always showering me with, blue hugs and blue kisses. But when we depart,
Roses are red ,  Violets are blue If you were my girlfriend then I'll do anything to stay with you. 
The American Dream By Ryan G. and Joseph G.      The nation I reside in holds a dream To live a life of wealth and to prosper
Why dost thy beauty grace this barren earth? Sagacious saint, silently solemn, blue Cursing the breezes and lacking due mirth
look at the sea  look at the glimmering hope i saw there it was called Blue look at the tears  they left a mark so deep you could fall into it. it was called Blue  look at my pen, 
You keep your head down,from having no friends.Or that's what other people tell you.Since everything you touch turns black and grey,No one ever confronts you. But there's still hope,One day you will find someone that cannever turn on you.Like the
When the day turns blue I turn on the music Garth Brooks echos off the walls,  "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" With every note that lifts from the speakers
For the most part, I am okay. But there are times when I feel blue and grey. Instead of feeling lively and fun, I feel dull and there is no sun.  And when I'm feeling small or down,
"The sun was an angry little pinhead."   If the body is a temple, mine has been sacked. The sky's cruel torch forgot me on its way across the sky.
I'm almost lost No longer can I see  The road ahead of me  Back tracking, Slipping back into Who I used to be Wondering, Aimlessly Uncertainty it swallows me Engulfs me, surrounds me
Maybe I'm delusionalOr maybe I'm just making things upA carefully executed work of fiction A truth with a twist Or maybe a straight up lie Maybe my perception Is just different 
A flow from within. Deep within the soul it flows, Pouring from her eyes.
Its blue depths strike fear, What life lies within its murk? I need no answers.
I really thought that if I went to your ball, We wouldn’t speak, But the sight of you would make me weak, And surely I’d fall. Because you,
Earth is big And blue Reaching around for miles and miles in as an oblate spheroid Tilted on an ever turning axis Hanging in the fabric of the cosmos like bulb on a tree
You said I am like that feeling you get from letting go of a balloon, and watching it drift until it’s color vanishes. At first, it crushed me that you compared me
It's 8:04 AM on a Sunday, and I'm waking up to Lou Reed and the smell of eggs and toast I say, "Give me a kiss" It's quick and short like the sting of a bee At 11:39 we don't want to move,
love is the coulour  of my mother's old sweater  a soft faded blue
To a Lavender named Lucy   Oh my pretty, fresh, young yet lovely and precious Lavender I have no creativity as thee To write in papers of colour
E! was I Green   Someone painted me in Red   I lost my naturalness   Giving rise to artifice   I was posted   On a manmade web   Alterations had I gone threw
A stone so blueA Sapphire or soA doubt a soFor she, lovedThe colour of lavenderYet as oneWas she, also to be
Berries andSky andFaded jeans andOceans andChina teacups andForget-me-nots.Morpho butterflies in the pit of myStomach andHis eyes andMyHeart.
I have everything. I own nothing. In the reality of the world, this is my only truth, this is the only thing I know  to be true. Everything is available to me. There are no limits.
You're my friend and lover My love for you won't fade I just wanted you to know You will always be in my heart   You turned into my love As our love grows With our needs and desires
Blue Betty, can you hear me? Twinkling Jingles, are sinking in the sea.   Blue Betty, can you feel me? Lost in Atlantis Osiris tell me how could this be?   Broken Neptune,
Funeral visions of half remembered pasts
I am an exhalation
I have always loved the ocean. Blue, vast, and inviting, just like your eyes. My eyes are the color of the deep, green land. The land always grows with beautiful, exciting colors of comfortable change.
Blue is a stillness with which you are familiar. Blue is the cold wind, quietly reminding you of the weather. Blue is the sound of the snow falling all around you so quiet that you could easily forget it yet so loud you want to keep listening.
Roses are red violets are blue this poem isn't original it's not intended too   Violets are blue roses are red keep reading on but only in your head   roses are red
I am like a purple iris Mkxed into an ocean of blue flowers.  Although my feet are firmly rooted in the ground, I sway slightly in the breeze, always searching for the sun.   
Little blue eyes, looking up at me You gaze and I wonder what you'll be You're hand wrapped around my finger tight I promise to hold you through the darkest nights   Little blue eyes, so full of dreams
Somewhere in this crawl space that we call a brain,
I've painted the walls of my mind Blue and Grey.The colors of your eyes will never fade away.I'd rather be in your arms than anywhere else in the world.There are no words for what i'm feeling.
Not everyone understands the little blue feather, the amount of hope that feather can bring, it is more than just an accesory tucked in a hat, that little blue feather represents hope,
I dont know about you but I wake up flawless everyday No doubt in my mind I'm beautiful in everyway
Roses are red, violets are blue, we're going to Orlando with someone cool.
Winter has always been tinged with blues and greys.
If I was really me 
To wake up and see a part of me
blue blue blue blue blue  what a sad little hue what to do when you are blue blue blue maybe change your point of view the pieces fit when your in tune but im still  so  blue 
When Blue Reflects Upon Waves   I’m staring, always staring, forever staring, No focus in sight, yet a bright future yields token, Novel, arguably plausible possibilities.
You are an ocean of mystery: inexplainable, inexplicit, infinite I read somewhere that 95% of the ocean is unexplored
There once was a little girl with big blue eyes, Who dreamed of diamonds in the skies, All she knew was happiness and love,
once you asked me what i was doing, so i told you i was killing. you told me killing was bad, so i swore to never take your heart and rip it into different halves.
Waves of blue I always see The scene is cold and lonely here Why can't you see the good in me   I cry out to you in sweet misery  You never listen, you just see right through 
SCREEAM!!!!! Louder! And Louder! And Louder! Short bursts. Or long, tedious draws that leave you breathless.... Scream until your heart implodes-your heart explodes and you just feel
Behind these blue eyes are much more than you know Smiling, twinkling, and glowing is not always what they show
I've got you in my bare hands. Yet it's as if I am at your command. It's no wonder you have a reputation for being so witty. You know my secrets and at times they're for you to keep.
At times, hands cannot express more than the heart. However, at others, the hands become merely tools of passion used on a lover. The hands are oft accompanied by other tools
BLOTCHES FROM A COLORFUL CANVAS   With blue the world is draped, and with its hue my soul delights, From whitewashed shores on dripping edges of roaring sounds, 
  Lets drift away
He said blue days are here and all I can think of is blue eyes tracing blue lines with heads tilting backwards to kiss blue boys He dosn't like the rain as much as me, doesn't see the symmetry
Merging onto streets. We flood as an aid to those in need. We see the pain, cries, and pleas. Freedom is so everlasting.
It’s never nice, especially on a good  day, Where it loves and would, Tell of your secrets as if you were, Playing a game of taboo.      It loves tricks, no treats
Gentle rolling was heard past the paper thin walls.
My imagination glows  A pulsing radiance Tempting the average soul Like flies to a light It burns bright in me A candle of creativity So vibrant, so strong
Little girl, dressed in white Sleeping in her room so tight   Unaware of what is wrong As the world moves forward on   Until one day, a dorr gaped wide Where walls before had stood with pride.
My favorite color is blue.
Sometimes the nasty nature
They shine, they glitter, and they dance to and fro.
I've yet to swim in the darkest depths, for I never want to stay on the surface.
Boarded up in my house Doors locked Curtains pulled Trying to keep safe They’re coming   There’s only a few of us left That hasn’t been sucked in By the blue logo Hypnotizing us
As a writer, it's incredibly frustrating to be colorblind.  "Sapphire. Ultramarine. Phthalo. Robin's egg. Teal, turquoise,  indigo, cobalt, cerulean."
I could never grasp
Blue reminds me of when I didn't know you, Of when I never heard the words "You arebeautiful"Blue reminds meof when the world was movingBut I was standing still It reminds me of wanting to be alone
  That day when the wind was Quiet, and the air Cool and Soft, he faded into Oblivion, 
There is a flood in the school,A flood of blueBlue clothing, blue tears, blue faces
Innocent people being hooked on the blue book, becoming dull robots that speak in code; it comes in your sleep taking your intellect like a crook, by bribing you with a new mode.
Green is the color of envy Red is the color of love Blue is the color of freedom While yellow is the color of fun   Black is an evil color White is always good Grey is the color in between
Hell is walking the road of life searching for someone to talk to To feel stranded while surrounded by people too focused on their own trivialities to notice
Black and blue colorsof the dark huesof the night sky.Twinkling, glittering starssprayed all around the skylike art on canvas.Blurry reflectionon the river water of amagnificent moon.
Through these blue eyes I see The destruction if a war scarred land By these cold hands I touch The lips of those that have died With this broken heart I feel
Red is what I look No color can express me Blue is what I feel Combine all three I am finally Free
I do nothing but awkwardly glare at a man who cannot stare, as his rough fingers roam freely in this blind man’s attempt to see me.   His fingers trace my nose and I nervously curl my toes.
This thing of love, of loving and being loved. It consumes me in the gentlest of ways,  softly washing over me until I've been covered up; a blissful drowning. I've become willing to risk hitting a shelf 
My vice is her eyes; Pale-blue, two frozen moons. I am powerless.   May I find shelter, In you? I am brisk and bleak. I am December.   I am drowning in Her cerulean maelstrom.
i watch you the way a caged bird watches the sky and when i think of you i see those blue eyes (they are my sky) and they look into mine and, oh god, i'm pretty sure you can read me like a book because i've got my heart
  I miss the wind blowing through your hair, the smile that creeps up and lingers, Your eyes never quite meeting mine, and the things you whisper so sweetly.   Pain draws me up inside,
All I see in this world, is blue having no one to confide in you you find yourself inapt to do the things you wish to find and sew.   Pieces left to rot and dew the minds who have not a clue
  I have placed this pen in a behemothic, spherical object, Where it is not required to nest in the area it was assigned to,  But it has the option to wander around, And perform what it desires.  
Blue. Blue the drum, pitch and pang, Steel-stain rim, resounding clang. That which stirs the thoughts and actions. Haunting sorrow, dire factions, Resounding near, far and wide.
Hands lock, fingers curl. Eyes twitch. Just a few of the many things we do together. When walking on the beach, seagulls high above us. People waving hello as we get higher,
Wait Blue Beloved, I want to tell you, let’s snuggle forever, and stay with me in bed sweetheartTimes will seem too hard to bear and I will feel like life is giving up on me
  When I think of you, I think of purple and blue purple, secret excitement, always holding in laughter,  just don't forget to let it out, more often than not blue, a soft rain, sweet and melodious 
Crush me on asphalt  Write my name on hanging tires Dilute my soul  In the whiskey and the fire   Talk amongst yourselves  On shores of basalt and clay  Make your wish 
If you could only see my eyes What would you think Would you look for beauty Or would you watch me blink Would I just be a photo A picture in your head Or would my eyes be portals
When you breathe in the crisp morning, it is the color of the air. When you shiver on a winter's night, it is the color of your lips. When his fingers skirt across your bare back, it is the chill that zigzags through your veins
Stained Laying on the cold war floor I’ve bleed red, white, and blue For you? Can this be true? America I salute you I chose to fight for you till’ kingdom come
The blue sky above, is glorious each day. It's shine is happy, peaceful, and beautiful. The deep sea is a gorgeous blue. It's waves roll with a fierce glee, always displaying its beauty.
Down on my luck Out of my mind What's going on? I've lost track of time. Where do I go? Why can't you stay? It doesn't make sense these words that you say. What's this I hear?
To look into your eyes is to see fire Set ablaze by the creator Himself. The way you gaze only takes me higher. I wish to keep you and those eyes myself. I look and fall into a pool of blue,
Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue And all I see in the blue Is you Tis a shame That one day you will no longer Know my name It is only the beginning Though it feels like the end
Blue were the skies. As soft as his eyes. I fell in love at first sight. Singing softly in the pale moonlight Can you be mine tonight?
Close my eyes I dream of love I fantasize of both of us Combining thoughts like stars do dust You... will become a part of me Of all I see and think and need Broken dreams too dark to see...
Close my eyes I dream of love I fantasize of both of us Combining thoughts like stars do dust You... will become a part of me Of all I see and think and need Broken dreams too dark to see...
the sky spread over the world without a single, solitary cloud only pure, deep azure barely past twilight the dark of night is beginning to appear a glossy turquoise balloon agitated through the air
Wait Blue Beloved, I want to tell you, let’s snuggle forever, and stay with me in bed sweetheart Times will seem too hard to bear and I will feel like life is giving up on me
What is this white cap I wear That makes everyone stare, When I can down the green crown Of liberty to set everyone free?
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