The Day that the Wind was Quiet


That day when the wind was Quiet, and the air Cool and Soft, he faded into Oblivion, 

he whose eyes were the color of Forget-Me-Nots. 

The Clouds were wispy and thin, like the gossamer garments of a Flying Soul--

and the sun mingled through the air--- but Yet seemed Pale and Cold. 


he Haunts me since That Day, 

the man with the Forget-Me-Not eyes, 

I believe he used to be my father but I find it hard to place the memory with the face...the Color is there, that is all--. Forget-me-not Blue---


His eyes weren’t the only thing blue that day, and the color lost its deep beauty to me...

as I now remember the color of his face

turn a bland Nantucket Sea Blue.


And then there was a Funeral. 

And the Sky was Forget-Me-Not Blue,

for the man with Forget-Me-Not eyes. 



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