Broken Blue Boy

I met a boy a late summer day
He looked at me and refused to sat
What made him so unhappy
He's a blue boy
Call him defensive
But blue boy don't run from me
The help I give is for free
I'll be here when you need me
That's a promise from you to me

But when it mattered most
I couldn't be there for my blue boy
He became broken without me
His heart's another causality 
In this war on life he's forced to fight
And without a heart his blood's run cold
Hope drained out of brittle bone
That break on words thrown his direction
Love's a lie, just another section
Of this bitter life he's forced to live or die

It hurts so much he wants to cry
But his eyes are like deserts
No tears falling down
Drowning in his past he's broken down and down
He's just a broken boy
Call him defensive
But words can make a broken boy bleed too
Your blue boy is broken
From this broken heart he got from you
It's better to be blue
Than be broken too


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