Dear Lover,

I am a lie.

I did not mean to be something that I internally despise

But I, I can't help it.

You believe that we are as we are born and assigned to either blue or pink.

For me, it isn't as easy as you think

Because I never saw the color pink.

Maybe I'm colorblind, but baby I hate to say it, what you see is not as simple as "girl"

That word to you discribes me in your eyes and in my mirror, but not my heart

and this is the hardest part.

Because I'm not your girl

I'm a trapped boy trying to find what little peace he can in his short hair

All the while

Making you smile

As the lie you think I am.

This poem is about: 



I wish this were something I could say to him, but for now, poetry will be my vice. I hope you enjoy.

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