Blue Zombies


Boarded up in my house

Doors locked

Curtains pulled

Trying to keep safe

They’re coming


There’s only a few of us left

That hasn’t been sucked in

By the blue logo

Hypnotizing us

Taking over our lives


We lone survivors

Enjoy being outside

We try to live in the moment

And experience life


It all started

In 2004

The mad man responsible

Dare I speak his name…?



The sickness starts out slow

You post here and there

And gradually

It starts to creep in

To suffocate your soul

Like the fumes

Sliding from a smokers lips



You find you can’t stop

Twitchy fingers

A need so strong

It gnaws at your brain

Destroying it


Your eyes glaze over

And are constantly reflecting blue

Faces stuffed in your phone

Mouth slightly agape

Eyes blank

Feet shuffling

Just following the crowd


The zombie apocalypse

Is already about


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