her hues

A stone so blue
A Sapphire or so
A doubt a so
For she, loved
The colour of lavender
Yet as one
Was she, also to be

Tender did the
Stone being blue
Stayed in
her, middle finger
Unknown of
The sides but would 
be of right

In the sweet coloured hand
Did the stone did so lay so still
At times cool would it be
Reacting to the state of the wind
A silver cloured holder
Did the holder hold
The stone of blue

Yet the colour
On the shine of the
Native light glamoured
Of in various shades
Of blue
Such as
Violet and or so

Yet did it look
So lovely on her,
Coloured hand
A small dream
Would have come
To become true too

Yet did it give
Only a little happiness
For her, heart
Was to be with no
Colourful bliss
For no true love
Could she, find
In the new direction
She, stepped on to
And so would tears
Would gather
Unknown by others near
But the brain orders the hand
To wipe it soon

Yet however the ring was
Blue but her,
Heart was not
As a stone
As a ruby
Would be
But it was too tender
On look out of
Another to be as hers,
Yet she, found none
To be so

A he; did shows his; heart
From a distance so threatening
For his; words shook her,
When he; was expressing something
But it was not much cared by her,
Externally but internally
At the heart of hers,

Shakes in the nerve
Fast beats in the heart
Head and Heart aches
Would be felt
Or by the body as a whole
At times by her.


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