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My love is a shape shifter One day, it's as small and light as a butterfly the next, it's a dragon breathing fire that warms cold hearts and feels like home Home to me, is in your protective arms
“I love you” These words are so powerful, yet used so freely Thrown like candy at a parade We shower love upon friends, family, dates – But What is love truly?
Because I love you I care about YOUR happiness Because I love you I treasure your kindness Because I love you  I will respect YOU Because I love you I will NOT turn you black and blue
Because I love you, I will let you make mistakes Because I love you, I will be there in every way Because I love you, my world is brighter
My dear how may I express it to you? This feeling that I'm just at rest with you. My dreamed one, a lover that I know who has my heart. What will you do with it? How will I play my part?
With eyes locked on and heart on her sleeve, her smile grew like the budding spring trees. She watched him, he who sat with fixation in his work sprawled neatly chaotic in fornt of him.
"Hey baby come look at this! This is so you!" "Us." "I would do this for you."  You always show me things you think I'd enjoy. Why?  Because I love you.  "Hey, listen to this song. It makes me think of you." 
This is love. Respect, care, worth. A free will to do. Life together as a whole. Separate but together. Lonely nights. Separate lives. United together. Day and night.
I was born to you By your so call savior. It was your duty as one of his children to care for me And love me
Because I love you, I will fill your lungs with laughter.   Because I love you, I will not judge when you fail.   Because I love you, I will accept all of your flaws.  
Because I love you, I will fill your lungs with laughter. Because I love you, I will not judge when you fail. Because I love you, I will accept all of your flaws.
Now is the time I pour out my heart, letting the truths spill out Across fears, across the parts of both you and I That beckon to be reconciled. We fell together then slowly away, but never fell fully out of love,
BECAUSE I LOVE YOU   Words, meanings, and my convictions struggle to describe your existence – your reality I seek your acknowledgment as surely as night seeks the dawn
Because I love you  You won't have to fight your battles alone Because I love you I will lift you up and never bring you down Because I love you Tears should never be on your face from the things I say
To love is to never forget, all the small things,  when your heart sings you know they are in your presence, love comes to the sences. Respect one another, nothing else will settle. 
I love you because you make me feel like a sunflower. Warm, full of warmth and happiness.  You have taught me to unleash who I am  And grow like a wildflower. 
Love is a promise, Love is a commitment, Love is about trust Love is honesty, Love is being there, Love is never leaving, Love is someone to count on, Love is everywhere.
You said you loved me But all I felt through it all Was to not be loved    
“Because I Love you” When those words leave your mouth It is in a different context than I am familiar with.
A four-letter word Some so eager to say That one little word I so often turned away     I love you.         I couldn’t say it
Empowered by the essence of longing, Controlled by the thoughts of searching, Understanding the definitive feelings and reasonings of the soul,
Because I love you, I write you letters every morning and slip them into your pocket. Because I love you, I don't get mad when you sneak kisses. Because I love you, I laugh at all your jokes.
Because I love you, everything behind that fake facade. It is not what is presented, as that is little more than a fraud. My full support will always be with you.
My life isn't without you Just like the sun has the moon You say that the world feels brighter when I smile Just like when I am with you Anytime you need me, I'll be there for you
You are my weakness I am your slave All because I love you.   Days pass and tears fall I stay by your side
Heaven Aram Tawoosi Your love is as clear as the Caribbean You are the crimson Phoenix inside my soul Love me until my breath disintegrates
When I look at you I feel like I am home. Being wrapped in your embrace isn't a simple hug because I feel safe and no one can do harm. When the darkness decides to creep up on me
Love. It is a word used so often, it's almost lost its meaning.  Love is strong. It keeps you afloat throughout the many hurricanes of life.  Love brings together. It binds us to each other in times of trouble.
Because I love you... I will make sure to always respect you, I will treat you like my princess, I will spoil you with books and treats, I will keep this secret love between our phone's screens.  
Because I love you He makes your  life a movie and he’s the best part He’s the water when you're stuck in the desert If you love him say something
What is love? Love is many things. It is commitment, no matter the distance. It is finding time, even in the middle of a busy week.
Because I love you, I will never hurt you. I won't lie to protect your feelings. I won't make excuses for my mistakes. Because I love you, I won't try to change who you are.
A young girl on the play ground Kindergarten new faces new impression Fitting in not as easy as fitting Legos made for every piece
Becuase I love you I... Sneak up behind you to give you a warm hug, Go to the store and buy your favorite food,  Give you a kiss whenever we are seperated, Never go to bed arguing,
Let it rain Let our blue sky make a sacrifice To let the violent clouds cry Let there be no mercy When lies surface
Because I love you don't leave, Not because I want you but emotionally I need you, Out of anger I could never leave you, I could not harm you but I'd arm you,
In my dream, a rumor fell unto my ears, One that was created by my peers. “Please answer my question honestly,” “Is being deceitful the best quality?” The whispers fell from above.
I know you're poison It's not that hard to figure out  From the curve of your lips  When I talk about my favorite show  When I talk about my favorite band  When I talk about you 
Because I love you, she said I will run to you when you are running low A flood of tears, a hug of embrace - Carried like a bank ready to give grace
I remember the times that we would sit And you would talk and ramble About yourself and your relationship And her.   You told me about the times that she lied
Honey, I'm Home! Did You Have A Good Day? What Did You Eat Today? Did You Make Sure To Wear Your Seatbelt On the Way to Work? Do You Need Anything From The Store?
The day I learned about falling, I was just a normal kid Who had just learned to ride a bike. My mother was by my side, Cleaning my scraped knee. She wiped the tears from my face
"I'm Sorry but I only do this because I Love You." Words that haunt me every day, Morning, Afternoon, and Night, I hear them in my head. "I'm Sorry but I only do this because I Love You."
Because I love you I’ll give 80% when you’ve only got 20 Trust me darling I’ve got plenty To give when you’re feeling blue
Because I love you, I'll be the first to say I'm sorry.  I'm sorry my heart thuds in my chest whenever I'm with you.  Even now I still get butterflies.  I'm sorry I want to hold your hand wherever we go. 
Being loved is a simple need Whether it be intimate or friendly You feel a sense of assurance when you are loved Like your place, in the world, is whole.  
I will support you with everything I have, Because I love you I'll be by your side along this uphill path I shall be there to hold you when your days become dark Simply just because I've given you my heart
I loved you. I want you to know that I loved you.  You were my everything. You meant so much to me.  You, out of few things gave me a reason to strive.  Gave me a reason to stay alive and not let the darkness consume me.
Because I Love You your eyes are what I search for when I am feeling lost Because I Love You the long day does not wear me thin; your support armor against all odds Because I Love You
You can have the last slice, Of course we can eat there, I made this for you, I bought that necklace you had your eye on, Here’s that video game you asked for, Don’t worry Ill do the dishes tonight,
I find my place In between your arms, In between your tender kisses And soft whispers of " it will be okay". In between the warmth of your embrace, And the scent of your neck,
When you start to doubt yourself And begin to hate yourself. Let me take care of you. Let me love you.   I will trust you with all my heart. I want you to hug you in my arms.
From the very start the odds were stacked against us. But you were a thief, and the way you stole the air from my lungs made me ache for you. We were soft and we
When I asked him why he made me coffee first thing in the morningAnd stayed up with me on nights that sleep was the enemy He would always say the same thing. Because I love you. When I asked how he dealt with my moods Or my constant self criticism
When I was in 9th grade  I put stars on my ceiling  just in case sad was the only thing I was feeling.   I'd look up from bed to see all of them glowing
Times have been tough, things have gone south between us. Somehow we always figure it out, Because the love we have runs deep in our veins It’s not just a relationship we have,
Crybabyy_bunny   Because I love you, Your strengths have became my weakness Because I love you, I would go the extra mile of hanging with your friends
Because I love you, I wake up. Because I love you, I go to school. Because I love you, I go to work. Because I love you, I wait for you. Because I love you,
Because I love you, I hold your hand. Because I love you, I laugh with you. Because I love you, I smile through the pain. Because I love you, I ignore your flaws. Because I love you, I hide the bruises.
I close my eyes and try to breathe Sometimes it's very very hard to breathe Sometimes it's impossible to breathe   I once sent a text to one of my friends That I shouldn't have sent I asked him
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} Because I love you…   Being with me won’t be forced
  “I love you.” Sometimes doesn’t sound like those words at all. For me, “I love you” is the hardest thing to say. When I do, it’s an empty sentence, too commonly used.
Eyes are the world’s way to bear news Good or bad? I could see in your eyes, all your passions I knew that I was loved when I looked at those warm brown pools
When I first met him, I was on cloud 9. He saved me from myself, he changed my constant insecurities to confidence. Nights in September were filled with laughter and not a care in the world.
At first, When I was with him, The entire world made sense. The reason the sky was blue, I undersood. The vibrations of the Earth's turn, I felt.   At first, When I was with him,
I love you. You go out of your way to talk to me I love you. You hug me until the sadness goes away I love you.        You’re my most loyal friend I love you.
I love you. I love the way I hurt all the time. I love the way you make me feel like breaking down. I love it when you say you love me, but don’t show me.
His ebony hair, tousled above a foreboding brow Morose with worry Extinguishing embers of a cigarette Like those of a love mismatched.  
Spontaneously venturing On a rainy day hike I never knew, it was you I would like.   Dressed up so warm, To fend against the storm.
Humans are confused About this little thing called love.  Many people are neglected, abused Hiding behind this little thing called love.   Do you wish to be set free 
Dear Dad,  
When it's easy to take, give, When it's easy to blame, forgive, When it's easy to want, be content, And when it's easy to run, know what is meant; So next time, before you start raising your voice,
When it's easy to take, give, When it's easy to blame, forgive, When it's easy to want, be content And when it's easy to run, know what is meant. So next time, before you start raising your voice
"I Love You"That great!What does that mean?I don't knowI don't much about love "I want to be with only you"Oh.Okay.That sounds nice.What else? "Well...I want to be with you forever"Forever...That's a long timeThat's the rest of our livesJust us.Ju
One day I'll wake up  Ill roll on to my side The love of my life will be in front of me She will be sleeping Like the queen she is It will be morning  The sun will be glistening
He makes me feel safe no stress, no fear, no harm, our hearts beating at the same pace. "Because I love you..." I say as we sit and wait growing old in each other's arms.
Because I Love You I sacrifice my meangingful treasure for your happiness Instead I value your emotions more than I know my own Although, you never consider mine You see me as rain
What does a healthy and happy relationship really mean to me?Is this a trick question?
Love does not fit a specific moldEach person expresses their love differentlyWether it be they wear their heart on their sleeveOr they quietly show their affections through their actions
It’s a long way down from where we begin. Knocking on heaven’s door. The words you said yesterday came at me full force. “Maybe if we both admit our faults, we can move on.” I am a laugh away from crying.I seek for love inside of us and come out e
Because I love you... I don't get jealous of your friends. I make you meals. I treat you like a princess.   Because I love you... I don't look at your phone without permission.
Because I love you, I will encourage you in all your wildest dreams; Therefore, I will never tell you your ambitions are foolish. Because I love you, I will not lie to you.
I've watched you sin since we've been together. I held my tongue and my most inner thoughts because all I saw and continued to see is love coming from your body language. 
  Her heart was your home    She was one of those places you could go to to pour out your feelings for her. And how you felt about the circumstances between you two.
When I was born, I loved you for feeding me and giving me life. Your warmth and embrace shielded me like a blanket before the storm. I never doubted that you loved me, yet I doubted love for myself.  
#BecauseILoveYou I put you first every day, Between asking you to tell me when you get home, And focusing on you when I pray.  
#BecauseILoveYou I put you first every day, Between asking you to tell me when you get home, And focusing on you when I pray.  
I Listen          I don’t interrupt,         I want to help you      And be helped by you        I want to be with you    But have our own space
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