To You, My Dear

My dear how may I express it to you? This feeling that I'm just at rest with you.

My dreamed one, a lover that I know who has my heart. What will you do with it? How will I play my part?

Yes, I've imagined you for quite a while, wishing you were here to make me smile.

May I show you first what I would do, should I get to be with a real version of you?

Because love is hard, like us it is never perfect. Count on me and I'll show you that I deserve it.

For more than your touch or items so grand, more than the longing I have to hold your hand...

There's a feeling inside of me that needs security, so forgive me if at first I seem bland.

You see my dear, for just like you, I'm only human and I try to be true.

But try as I might, and do as I will, it's only a matter of time 'till I hurt us still.

Love, I know you've been hurt, and you'll see it again, a world that seems to have misery without end.

But more important to me than having your key, is that I'll see what I have done and let you be free.

Free to speak your mind, or tell me I've done wrong. I'll do the same my dear, we'll keep ourselves along.

For what is love, and how do we do it right? If it's our feelings alone, then we might just lose sight.

It's a sacrifice my dear, where we put each other first. You before me, and I before you. 

If we both give our all, only then we'll see it through.

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