I Never Told You This But....

I've watched you sin since we've been together. I held my tongue and my most inner thoughts because all I saw and continued to see is love coming from your body language. 

I try not to encourage you to embrace your sins but your sins are becoming my pain and guilt. I never told you this but..... I'm never leaving you because I chose a path that I'm willing to walk down until that path lead me to you and our future. 

I never told my this but, sometimes I get scared of what will become after the first year is over and we're moving into our second year and already living together. This is what scares me . I  worry to much about anything and everything. 

So go on and embrace your sins because we've all had dark times. Just remember when you're being pormiscuous with your feelings and hoeing around, I'll always be here at the end of the rainbow wishing you good luck proving your love for me. Because my heart was your home, your nightlight. Now its like being there when it's convenient for you. 


I Never Told You This But...

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please continue to express your life your heart and your soul! Keep sharing!

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