Now is the time I pour out my heart, letting the truths spill out

Across fears, across the parts of both you and I

That beckon to be reconciled.

We fell together then slowly away, but never fell fully out of love,

Never fully did we play our designated parts,

For in Love, what lines are there to say?

But because of the way I feel for you,

Because of fate that keeps us in place,

I tell you now of the things that are, the reasons that help rest my case.

Because I love you,

I'll call you to listen about your day and to hear your sweet voice,

But because I love you,

I know when we argue I'll respond as fair and respectful.

Because I love you,

I'll put my time and attention in queue per your choice,

But because I love you,

I'll step back when you say you need time alone.

Because I love you,

I'll tell you just that and repeat so there is no doubt,

But because I love you,

My actions indeed should reflect such an evident truth.

The list could go on and

The curtains could stay frozen on either side of the stage,

But do hear me out when I tell you just this,

These bold words I've been aching to say:

If we don't have trust, we have

n o t h i n g

at all,

No Thing to hold us together.

But because I love you,

Because you love me,

All those reasons won't need to be tested,

For even in times when we step off our marks,

It's with you that I'm at my best.

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