"Because I Love You"

“Because I Love you”

When those words leave your mouth

It is in a different context than I am familiar with.

Your actions do not match up with what I believe those words to mean.

I have been taught my whole life

That people use that phrase as a reason for their actions,

But never after making my heart wrench and want to burst in its sweet slumber

And only after committing actions that will only uplift my being

To make me feel their love is obviously true if it is followed through with their actions.

They are acts of kindness and caring, helpfulness

to bring some sort of benefit to my life.

Because I love you is meant to explain how their love is integrated into what they are doing

Your words are quickly becoming a

 Cheap and selfish

Explanation for why you try to do me harm.

If you truly love me,

You wouldn’t use such a positive phrase accompanied by such heinous motions.

If you truly love me,

I wouldn’t have tears soaked all the way down into the box spring of my mattress.

If you truly love me,

I wouldn’t ask myself, what I am doing wrong.

I want to be with you, because I love you.

Never, ever

You have to be with me, because I love you.

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