Chemically Vengeful Embers

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 10:10 -- ATWSI

Let it rain

Let our blue sky make a sacrifice

To let the violent clouds cry

Let there be no mercy

When lies surface

When love hurts.


You are the reason my soul is singed,

For you are the crimson Phoenix that lies within

The one that had risen from the ashes

Now, I am damaged

Gazing right at you

Soul darker than charcoal,





Your hands were around my throat

You said, “Darling, choke

Because you’ve got bad blood between your bones,”

You did this because, you love me.


I remain cold with this “bad blood” between my bones,

Our lifelines meshed like smoke in your lungs

I saw the devil, in the fires in your eyes

I realized that you two were intertwined

 I asked why must you put snakes where my linen skin lay?

Face to face, he will remain until these blood stains wash away

 I hung my head with shame

And I asked why must the serpent curse me as his lover?

Because, he loves me.


The eve of a moment worth seizing

Your aura reeked of toxicity

You need me as bad as I don’t want you

Demon limbs in my veins, their nails painted your favorite hue

Let Lucifer quiver with fear at the thought of being between your ears

Because even he has damned you

My mind was swollen with thoughts of you

And even with that, I wondered if I could know



This is for all the rotted love forgotten in the rain;

Little do they know how much we felt the pain

After the rain, he states

“Don’t melt away like the dew

Because, I love you.”


Let it pour and hit the ground like syllables in words

Let arrows of love never fall short

Let the sun show while clouds fall apart

Let the thunder grow ignorant to lightning

O how you made me worth finding.


When I fell in love, he had me enthralled

And I let him occupy every corner of my skull,

I ponder if you think about me tonight

I wonder if the mystery between your ears  grabs you between your eyes,

I wish to be the cracks between your fingers

Because your touch does more than just linger

Because, I love you.


Two souls entwined into one just like candles

He grabbed my heart right out of my chest as if it had handles,

He stripped himself to show me his love

No matter how much he gives me, I will never get enough

Because, I love him.


Two feet in your heart, looking up at the valves

Two beats because one skipped when my lips touch your mouth


I am the average bird but still fly like a dove with your touch

You could cut off the pinion of my wings and I would still soar

With your heart as the wind, keeping my feet from touching the floor

It comes down to my loving for you, something new.


I hit the nail on the head when I gave him my heart

That nail holds the centerpiece on God’s wall

And that is where I will find you,

My sweet love.


After the clouds cave and the rain drains away I say,

“I believe our love is heaven sent,

I believe our love is heaven sent.”


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Beyond great. This is truly a special work. "Our lifelines meshed like smoke in your lungs" - my favorite line!


Thank you so much! Really appreciate it (:

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