"Because I Love You."



When I first met him, I was on cloud 9.

He saved me from myself, he changed my constant insecurities to confidence.

Nights in September were filled with laughter and not a care in the world.

I was rescued from my house every night by him: my prince.


When the leaves on the tree got frosted over and soon began to die, so did our love.

The prince took off his mask and underneath hid a bloodthirsty killer.

Playful hide and seek games became a horror movie.

I was once happy to hear his footsteps approach the dusty closet I was hiding in.

Now, I felt as if I started to hide from a psycho killer with a knife.

But it wasn’t a knife he was stabbing me with, it was his words.


He wanted me to lose weight.

He wanted me to stop talking to my best friend.

He wanted me to give him my passwords.

And it was all because he loved me.


When Christmas lights started disappearing into attics, chocolate hearts began to stock the shelves.

I expected a cheesy chocolate heart box, but instead I found out about the girl he loved.

But I stayed, because he loved me.


Once candy hearts were put on clearance in the stores, I decided to leave.

The killer knew my weaknesses and didn’t like that very much.

He posted my whereabouts everywhere, because he hated me.

He hacked into my account, because he hated me.

He posted the photo of me in my sweet 16 dress that I was so confident in.

It was captioned with one word: Obese.

But he told me to post it, because I looked great.

And with one last blow to my heart, he finished me off.


All at once, I fell off cloud 9 and landed flat on my ass.

My confidence turned into insecurity.

My prince turned into a killer.

And I realized the “Because I love you’s,”

Were a warning sign.


This poem is about: 
Our world


James Gorrell

"We're a warning sign"

That you were secretary a stone cold killer

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