What is Love Truly?

“I love you”

These words are so powerful, yet used so freely

Thrown like candy at a parade

We shower love upon friends, family, dates – But

What is love truly?

“Because I love you… I’ll spend time with you, I’ll give you things, I’ll go places with you.”

How deep these words run, but how quickly they sour.

“Because I love you… You’re staying home with me, You’re going to this party, You can’t talk to him.”

This is not love.

This is jealousy, insecurity, abuse wearing Mardi Gras masks

They pretend and parade, convincing a crowd and even themselves. But behind closed doors

True colors are shown

This is not love, setting demands and manipulating emotions. So

What is love truly?

Love is patient, love is kind, love is not arrogant and does not boast.

True love is looking out for others, no matter what.

Love believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

True love never fails!

This concept, so strong and selfless, builds healthy relationships. True love says

“You first. Me second.”

Love is not timid, or weak, or fearful. But love gives without demanding repayment –

No fine print, no strings attached.

“Because I love you… You can go to college. You can enlist in the Army. You can take that job.”

How deep these words run, and how they help us heal and grow.

“Because I love you… I’ll trust you, I’ll respect you, I’ll hold on with you, or I’ll let you go.”

What is love truly?

Love is freedom. Love is a choice.

True love lays a foundation for all healthy relationships.

It is not tossed about like leaf on the wind, but holds its course through every storm.

“I love you, and I really mean it.”


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