When Things Go South

Times have been tough, things have gone south between us.

Somehow we always figure it out,

Because the love we have runs deep in our veins

It’s not just a relationship we have,

It’s a commitment.

A commitment we made to each other

That when things go south, we’ll never go left.


Everytime I hear your voice

My heart skips a beat.

I don’t know if that's love or my vulnerability.

But for now I'll ride the wave

Because I know when things go south

And crash you'll be there to catch me.


Our fights aren't easy.

No fights are easy.

Sometimes we feel like there's no hope

When there's no hope we reach deep into our hearts,

Deep into our memories with each other.

We do this because we love one another

We do it because we don’t like when things go south.


But when things do go south

We don't give up.

There are things we shared with each other

Nobody else knows, that's love. Maybe pure love.

And when trials do come you inspire me to do better.

All the good outways the bad.

There is no magic formula to our love.


It’s simple, it goes hand in hand

Like a key to a lock.

Good relationships don't just happen,

It takes a team who balance each other out,

Even when things go south.


When things do go south between us

I know everything will be okay

Because I love you


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