This Isn't It

"I Love You"That great!What does that mean?I don't knowI don't much about love "I want to be with only you"Oh.Okay.That sounds nice.What else? "Well...I want to be with you forever"Forever...That's a long timeThat's the rest of our livesJust "I...I want to have kids with you"OhThen it won't be just the two of usAnd we'll be busy raising kids and workingWe won't be bored, at leastIs that it? "I mean...I just want to be with you"I want to be with you too "Great..."But not foreverI can't promise you that I won't find interest in someone elseOr that I won't lose interest in youCan you promise me that? "No, but..."So if you can't promise me thatThen how do you know we'll be together foreverAre you lieing to me? "What? No.."I don't knowBecause you lied when you told meThat she was 'just a friend'So maybe I'm not the 'only' one you want to be with "That was..."I mean sure it was a 'mistake'You were just young and immatureAnd maybe kids will make you grow upBut what if they don'tI don't think that that a chance I'm willing to take "Okay, I messed up, but I mean everything. Don't you love me?"I don't want any of this will youI like youBut...I don't see any of this with you You look shockedDoes it hurt hearing this?That the difference between usThe truth doesn't hurt meWhat hurts meIs being cheated onWhat hurts meIs being lied toWhat hurts meIs empty promises "Sometimes love hurts"SometimesNot all the timeThank youI never knew what love was before you "So we're good"I never knew what love wasI still don'tBut thanks to youI know what it isn't. 

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