Because I Love You

Because I love you don't leave,

Not because I want you but emotionally I need you,

Out of anger I could never leave you,

I could not harm you but I'd arm you,

With my protectection remember my message,

Because I love you don't leave,

Our relationship could not fall,

Like the Autumn leaves,

We're watching waiting until again they turn green,

Because I love you don't leave,

We're permanent unlike the leaves,

More like a pine tree,

Our colors last and we branch out,

Not even like the trout,

We don't breed then leave,

When we breed we hopefully spread a seed,

We watch that seed grow until it’s our time to pass,


Because I love you don't leave,

For you I'd take a bullet,

If you gave me a trigger I could not pull it,

For you I'm patient,

An hour,


Or decade,

It's all worth it as long as it's for you,

Because you're worth my time even if thats all of it,

Because I love you don't leave.


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Our world


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