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Aram Tawoosi

Your love is as clear as the Caribbean

You are the crimson Phoenix inside my soul

Love me until my breath disintegrates

Until my last thinking state


Study me like a subject on fire

Because I've got a singed soul

My home is not a roof with four walls

Yet it’s the shelter inside your heart


I could be taking a possible puff

Yet I'm cradled in your arms

There you lie sleeping ever so gently

Rejuvenating my psyche

You said, “Darling breath after me”


I wonder if you think about me tonight

I wonder if the mystery between your ears grabs you by your eyes

I wish to be the cracks between your fingers

Because your touch does more than just linger

Because, I love you


I hit the nail on the head when I gave you my heart

And I'll love you still as my life restarts

Your body is master piece, a true work of art


2 souls entwined into one just like candles

You grabbed my heart right out of my chest as if it had handles

You stripped yourself to show me your love

No matter how much you give me, I will never get enough

Because, I love you


Two feet in your heart, looking up at the valves

Two beats because one skipped when my lips touch your mouth

I was lost but now because of you I am found



I am the average bird but still fly like a dove with your love

You could cut off the pinion of my wings and I would still soar

With your touch as the wind, keeping my feet from touching the floor

It comes down to my loving for you, something new

I believe our love is heaven sent

I really believe our love is heaven sent


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