...Because I love you

My life isn't without you

Just like the sun has the moon

You say that the world feels brighter when I smile

Just like when I am with you

Anytime you need me, I'll be there for you

It doesn't matter what we do, as long as I can be there for you

Maybe the universe knows me, knew that I've been waiting for you

You know, I know, that you're mine and I'm yours


You and I aren't perfect but I feel like

Destiny is tearing our love apart

I am really scared I want to cry now

When I see you

When you see me

Time keeps on moving all around us

Falling into place to give us what we deserve

Our happiness, in the end, is everything that matters

Because I love you, but do you love me?


You're like sunshine to me

My life is dark without you

You're the one, the only one

If you call out to me, I'll come to you

Look at me

See how much you've changed me


I just want to love you

Just let me love you

Ever since the very day I was born

Destiny has brought me here to you

Just let me love you

Let me love you





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