Love Is...

A young girl on the play ground

Kindergarten new faces new impression

Fitting in not as easy as fitting Legos made for every piece

But young minds reminiscent of their cold hard plastic

“Because I love you… push your friend off the slide”


Middle schoolers so much cruller

Games of M.A.S.H determine future

Simple games not the only rulers of your life to be

Truth or dare turn to manipulative obey or banish.

“Because I love you… don’t even look at the boy I like”


It is those boys who grow to high schoolers

Snakes with sugar laced fangs making Venom tastes sweet

So, called simple requests spew from these reptiles

Hidden as cold-blooded princes

“Because I love you… Send me a pic”


Through the eyes of a young girl

Love is fitting in

Love is manipulative

Love is shards of glass hidden in diamonds of deception  

Cutting deep with each blunt begging.


A candy-coated, cavity causing concept

Coaxing one to crave completion in oneself.

This love is found in complacency

Cooperation and obedience

Companions are commanders


Yet, love is not written in biding chains

Love is not left in scars of sacrifice

Love is unconditional


A five-year-old dropped off

The first day of school, first time left it is not

With sunrise and sunset, daycares are daily life

With peers, she plays till her single mother returns

“Because I love you... I must work two jobs”


In the corner, she sits age twelve

She smells of mildew and cat litter

Her hair a mangled mess by

Yet, kindness combs through a jungle of self-neglect

“Because I love you… Spend night at my house. My parents won’t mind.”


In streets, she roams

Only eighteen the lives with no shelter

Classes come before social standards

Counselors form futures from broken ambitions

“Because I love you… I will help you get into college.”


Love is like a castle

Kindness of brick held together with concrete compassion

Friendships are founded on trust and reliance

Giving is love


Relationships are social constructs

All hold some portion of love

Relationships formal or friendly

Even small ounces of compassion lie in the foundation.


Because I love you I will help you

Heal you

Hold you


This is love

A sugary sweet-scented life saver

Surrounding spectators with such success, support and sincerity


Because I love you… I will show you love and nothing less.


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