The Only Ways

In my dream, a rumor fell unto my ears,

One that was created by my peers.

“Please answer my question honestly,”

“Is being deceitful the best quality?”

The whispers fell from above.

Finally, I heard an answer I could be proud of.

“Deceit is definitely not a must,”

“A quality I suggest is wholesome trust.”


I awoke with a smile on my face,

As I saw flowers and a note left for me on a vase.

“Have a good day, sweetheart!”

It made me feel more significant than a work of art.

As I made my way out from under the duvet,

I smell from the kitchen a breakfast entrée.

His little bit of effort and concern,

Made my morning take a wonderful turn.


I relayed a sentence ages long,

Informing him how thankful I’ve been all along.

His actions served as reinforcement

So, I knew the extent of my importance.

Without his continual support,

Our relationship would have fallen short.

We work together to build each other up,

Otherwise, we would end in a sad breakup.


Over the years, if you put forth reliance,

You will create more chemistry than in science.

An abundance of thoughtfulness and care

Will make the two of you a great pair.

Gratitude and support need to appear

To ensure a healthy atmosphere.

These qualities will go a long way

And will leave your partner wanting to stay.


To further your knowledge on a healthy relationship,

I would like to share a little tip.

Love is never an excuse to take advantage,

And your significant other shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Instead of hinting at what you want them to do,

Suggest something like “Let’s spend quality time together #BecauseILoveYou.”

In the end, your relationship will reflect your word,

So, make sure you are clearly heard. 

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