Because I Love You

Because I love you

I’ll give 80% when you’ve only got 20

Trust me darling I’ve got plenty

To give when you’re feeling blue

Plenty of love to keep on giving you



Because I love you

In good times and bad

And especially when you’re feeling sad

I’ve got your six

So it’s okay if you’re feelings are all in a mix


Because I love you

I understand you’re not perfect

I just want to connect

And grow and share

Yes, I really do care


Because I love you

I need you to understand

That parts of me are broken down to sand

But I’ll always do my best to be the best for you

To this, I promise to be true


Because I love you

We’ll weather the times

Even when we’re counting our dimes

You’re worth every penny I’ve got

Every ounce of love, and trust me it’s a lot


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