Because I Love You

Because I love you...

I will make sure to always respect you,

I will treat you like my princess,

I will spoil you with books and treats,

I will keep this secret love between our phone's screens.


I will protect you from all demons,

I will place true enlightmemt and knowledge in you,

I will comfort you and place the truth in front of you,

I will impel you to forget about your people and Old World traditions.


I will check your social media,

I will tell you who I do and don't like,

I will assume you have a crush on your guy friends,

I will reassure if you are being honest for I doubt you since the first day.


I will slowly show that I do not tolerate your beliefs,

I will immediately dissaprove of your music,

I will never allow any woman of mine go against me,

I will destroy everything you love and enjoy. 


I will make sure to ruin you,

I will treat you an object,

I will spoil you with hate and control,

I will keep this relatonship forever in secret. 

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Our world
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